Common beginner mistakes in Airsoft

Common Beginner Mistakes in Airsoft: Keeping your gun up front will prevent bigger problems later. Check out these quick tips for beginners from Airsoft or send them to a friend to make sure they start playing smoothly!

Airsoft is a military simulation sport that allows players to compete individually or in teams in a safe combat version.

The Airsoft guns have different models and are part of this sport that is growing every day. With them, you can practice sports, participate in operations and play in teams.

Visually, an airsoft gun can be very similar to a firearm, but its inner workings are completely different. There are 3 main types of replicas in airsoft: Spring (also known as spring), AEG – electric and GBB (Gas BlowBack)

The first thing we must say is that an airsoft can never become a firearm. Despite having similar visual similarities and even similar weight, the structure of a soft air weapon, both external and internal, could never withstand the explosion generated by a firearm shot.

Therefore, it is completely impossible to adapt an airsoft to a firearm.

Common beginner mistakes in airsoft

Never use low quality BB! This can lock the gun and damage its internal components. Use only BBs from a trusted airsoft reseller.

Be sure to check the battery while charging! A full battery charge will take approximately 4-6 hours on a standard wall charger. Do not charge the battery unsupervised at night, as this can damage or drain it.

Don’t let your gun or battery overheat. If you have an AEG, keep its firing bursts short to avoid damage to the equipment or engine. And if the battery is hot, replace it with another one or take a quick rest.

We love accessories, but if you don’t wear them they add weight and waste your money. Think about when and how you will change before jumping on bipods , flashlights, and optics .

Because it is a strategic sport, it is necessary for the Airsoft player to know how to execute the action plans , since only an error can finish the mission and lead his team to defeat.

Inattention of the Airsoft player

Being out of focus in the game is one of the most serious mistakes an Airsoft player can make , as this can end up revealing their position to the opponent.

When firing, it is important to have enough patience to be able to reach the target , as the other team can discover where the shot came from much more easily if it is not accurate.

Negligence in arming

Although lack of technique and practice is a crucial factor in defining shooting strategies and accuracy, there are a few more details. Very common shooting errors involve the use of weapons unsuitable for a certain function or that do not give due importance to the maintenance of your devices.

Do not use equipment

To think that the use of certain security equipment is excessive, unnecessary, is a big mistake for Airsoft players , since they serve precisely to help increase performance.

Accessories such as gloves , helmets , boots , knee pads , goggles , vests, and appropriate clothing made of sturdy materials can make a big difference in the outcome of the game, as well as being essential to prevent injury.

Failed tactical movement of the team

The types of movement used in Airsoft. If an Airsoft player does not perform them correctly, it can damage their team’s entire attack strategy.

Other tactical movement errors involve not knowing the right time to retreat and not being able to move in more difficult level environments such as steep ascents and descents.

Lack of team communication

When adopting a strategy, you also need to define how you will communicate in the midst of the mission. Obviously, when your team is hiding, it is not possible to get in touch through normal conversation, as this can give them their position.


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