Butterfly penknives: know all their characteristics

Of Philippine origin, butterfly knives are a product known as “butterfly knives” – it was created for use in martial arts and combat, but it also has other purposes, such as artistic performances and tricks that require great dedication and training.

Another striking feature is its shape and openings, which allow you to carry it safely in your pocket and, at the same time, take it out quickly for use in a dangerous situation. In fact, these features make this item technically a pocket knife.

Characteristics and functionality of butterfly knives

A legend accompanying the butterfly knife is how it opens and handles scares opponents in combat. Because it gives the impression that its possessor is someone extremely skilled with the razor, just displaying it during a fight would already have an advantage, at least a psychological one.

Whether it is true or not, there are some technical elements that make it a different knife from the others.

The razor blades are foldable, allowing for safe transport and quick opening with one hand. Naturally, this skill must be developed through training, which does not happen overnight.

The knives range , as they are known today, are adaptations of the original philippines, which were much larger and had a size comparable to that of a sword. Its smaller size is what simplifies its size and handling, it can even be easily carried in your pocket.

The reduced size also made them lighter and easier to carry.

These characteristics allowed the appearance of “turning”, which is nothing more than the movement of the hands to open the knife.

The handles protect the blade, making the item portable and safe. However, when turned, they meet and allow the knife to be handled safely.

In general, both the handle and the blade are made of stainless steel. However, materials may vary by manufacturer. In some cases, the cable may have different colored rubber materials.

Using butterfly knives requires training and skill. Therefore, it is important to be careful the first few times you use the product to avoid accidents.

Some models that we want to highlight that you will find in our store

It is necessary to pay attention to the origin of the material and the quality of the product. A low quality butterfly knife will not last long.

Cudeman brand folding knife with green ABS handle and zamak and 10.5 cm blade.

This Cudeman 505-B knife has a total length of 22 cm, with a blade length of 10.5 cm and made of high quality 420 black chrome steel, which makes this knife perfect for defense use.

Third brand fan knife. 12.4 cm 420 steel blade, chrome finish stainless steel handle.

Albainox brand folding knife , yellow color, aluminum handle, 10.2 cm blade, colored box.

Designed in Spain.

butterfly knives

Fan knife of the Third brand, model CSGO 420 steel blade of 13.6 cm in red finish with black spider web pattern, black aluminum handle, total length of 24.7 cm.

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