Come on, Find Out What Is “Customer Service”?

Customer service is an action in serving customers well, especially in providing, providing services and solutions that are professional, useful and of high quality in dealing with and solving problems faced by consumers. From this definition, we can draw the conclusion that customer service is the highest spear in a business. If our business has good quality customer service, then automatically customers will be more loyal to our business. Based on a survey conducted by American Express, a customer tends to tell about customer service experiencewhich they feel is very good to their colleagues and close relatives. This survey shows that feeling happy and satisfied with customer service will make someone tell this valuable experience to nine close friends.


They will also always wonder how the words of good customer service are spoken to deal with their problems and how the excellent service provided is so amazing that they dare to refer the product to others. This is in line with one of the objectives of customer service which is indeed to solve problems and difficulties faced by consumers well and done professionally.


Conversely, if a customer feels dissatisfied and unhappy with the service provided by a business customer service, then the results of an American Express survey show that the customer will tell this bad experience to 16 of their close friends. Wow, there’s a lot too ?!


There are so many facts that show how important is the presence of good and superior customer service . This makes many companies look for ways to improve service to customers or learn how to serve customers well. They are also not endlessly looking for ways to improve the quality of services, so that their customers are satisfied with the products and services offered.


What Types of Customer Service Does the Business Need to Know?

Reporting from the business2community dot com website, there are 4 main types of customer service that every business needs to know. This article will not only discuss the four types of customer service, but we will also discuss how to maximize these types of customer service. By choosing the right type of customer service, we are also indirectly trying to offer better, superior and certainly more consistent customer service to our customers. Let’s just look at the explanation below.


1. Services in Responding to Direct Telephone Calls (Live Answering Services).

This is the first and foremost type of customer service for every business to have. When a customer has a complaint or faces a problem related to products and services, then they will automatically feel panicked, angry, and want to get a solution of this problem as soon as possible. The first thing a customer will do is look for a customer service telephone number that can be contacted from the product or service. For example, Hendra is a consumer who has just bought a laptop from one of the e-commerce companies in Indonesia. When the ordered goods arrived, Hendra checked the completeness of the order. Unfortunately, he did not find a laptop charger in the order package.


As a consumer, it’s only natural that Hendra feels worried, angry and upset, so he wants to talk directly with customer service and ask this. Just imagine if our business does not have this kind of service? It is certain that customers will feel very disappointed, frustrated and write negative reviews about our business online.


Eits, but having a phone call service isn’t enough, colleagues. The survey results show that customers not only want customer service via telephone calls, but there are several criteria that are also expected to exist in this service, namely, as follows:

– Friendliness when answering customer calls.

– Clarity of speech delivered by telephone recipient staff.

– Fast service and finding the right solution.

– Customers get a guarantee for the results of the settlement that is absolutely certain.


Make sure that the telephone call services that business readers have really do have the four characteristics above.


2. Live Chat Services Through Websites.

This second service makes it easy for customers to chat or chat directly with the admin who is assigned as a representative of customer service in a business. We believe that fellow readers may have previously opened a website and found a chat or chat window that appears with the message, “Hi, I’m Stevanie, can you help me?” On our website, STUDY, we have a chat window like this on the lower right of our website. For example, “Welcome to STUDILMU, if you need help, please reply to this message and we will be ready to help you”.


In this chat window, customers can submit any complaints and problems they have with our products or services. Customers can use customer service options like this, especially when they don’t have the opportunity to call customer service directly or if they feel more comfortable interacting via chat.


Overall, this type of customer service is the most popular method! The proof, the results of a survey conducted by e-Digital said that 73% of customers feel satisfied when they submit their problems through a chat window like this. Meanwhile, 61% of customers are more comfortable using email and 44% prefer to call customer service directly.


To maximize this system, make sure that the website server is always functioning properly and make sure that the admin or staff who will answer customer questions are really well trained.


3. Interactive Voice Response Service

Well, this third type of customer service has a very close relationship with artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI). Voice response service or IVR makes it easy for customers to tell the problem they are facing, of course it must be related to our products or services, yes.


A voice response service or IVR can identify problems faced by customers and guide them on the completion steps. For example, a customer tells a complaint that he cannot pay bills online. Now by using a voice response service or IVR, this service might answer by saying “If you want to pay your bills over the telephone, press one” Then the system will direct customers to the next steps. To maximize this type of customer service, fellow readers need to work closely with the in-house customer service team.


4. Customer Service via Email.

Although the presence of email has been very long compared to other social communication media, but this communication media is still very popular until now, colleagues. According to a survey conducted by the DMR, there are 269 billion emails sent every day. Wow, that’s amazing a lot ?! By using this type of customer service, customers can convey their problems while attending work meetings, coordinating a project, and completing other work. In essence, we can still be productive even though we are giving complaints to customer service.


To maximize this type of customer service, our business needs to have good automation that can enable us to choose, prioritize, delegate problems, and handle them faster and better.


Of the four types of customer service above, at least our business must have one of them. However, would it be great if the business we founded had all four types of customer service. Of course, with the combination of the 4 types of customer service above, our customer service will have a very high quality and more superior.


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