What Is Meant by “Presentation”?

For Career Advice colleagues who have entered the world of business and the world of work, must be familiar with the word “presentation”, right? Perhaps most of us know what a presentation is like, what the presenter will do and what equipment is needed to make the presentation. But, do we know the meaning of the presentation? Presentation is a form of communication carried out in the presence of one or more people which can be done using sound, pictures or body language.


Presentation is a form of communication that is very often done by employees, business people, entrepreneurs and even leaders in the workforce. Therefore, there are many people who are trying to learn good ways of presentation . They will practice how to effectively present techniques, find out about good examples of presentations, train themselves by giving appropriate opening presentations and attract the attention of the audience, to finding examples of good opening remarks, and so on.


Great presentation by Steve Jobs

Speaking of presentations, maybe there is one name that is phenomenal and famous until now. In fact, this person’s name is still very much remembered by many people because of his creative and innovative brain that has succeeded in bringing new discoveries that are truly extraordinary and have a very large number of buyers throughout the world today. Who is she? Yep! He is Steve Jobs .


Steve Jobs still has a very special place in the hearts of Apple employees, even now. The figure of Steve Jobs that really attracted the attention of many people was able to make all the pairs of eyes in front of him become the focus of the presentation he was doing. Hearing the story of Steve Jobs like this, maybe we immediately think to find out about how to arrange interesting presentation material by reading material related to interesting presentation tips or good presentation tips .


Reporting from the dot com entrepreneur website, there are 5 great Steve Jobs-style presentation tips that we can apply to become great presenters like Steve Jobs. Curious? Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Know and Understand One Important Point in Our Presentation.

Steve Jobs was very impressed with all the presentations he did because he never gave a pile of presentation points. For Steve Jobs, an effective presentation is knowing and understanding the single most important point in our presentation. Yep! Just one of the most important points, there is no need to convey excessive information.


Why is that? Naturally, humans cannot process mountains of material or information in a single delivery. So if your fellow reader wants to make a presentation, make sure that your fellow reader has mastered the one most important point for you to convey to your audience, okay ?!


2. Always Remember that Audiences Listen to Us to Know Something from Us.

Steve Jobs wants us not to disappoint the hearts of the audience. We need to always remember that the audience comes and listens to our presentation to know and understand something. So, try not to make presentations convoluted. Convey what they want to hear clearly and in detail, so that the presentation can run effectively for the listener.


For example, when the topic of our presentation is about ” Tips for increasing sales “, then don’t talk too long about things that aren’t related to this topic. Convey the presentation to the point yes, fellow readers.


3. Connect Personally with Audiences.

Steve Jobs wants us to have a good connection with the audience when the presentation takes place. Try to name the audience if they are our employees. Saying names is one effective way to build personal connections with our audience. A strong connection will build empathy from the hearts of the audience. Now, this empathy will eventually encourage the hearts and minds of the audience to accept all the words of the speaker as they are. Great right?


For example, when a fellow reader speaks up front and sees an audience nodding his head at what you say, well! it’s a sign that fellow readers already have a personal connection with the audience.


4. Keep the Audience Focused that We Are Speakers in the Presentation.

Try to keep the audience focused that we are the speakers of the presentations they are listening to now, lest the audience only focus on presentation material. We need to remember that effective presentations occur when the audience comes to hear what the presenter or speaker is delivering, not just to see the slides the speakers are presenting. Interestingly, Steve Jobs often displays blank slides between his presentations. What for? Of course to attract the attention of the audience back to Steve Jobs as the presenter.


5. Master All of Our Presentation Materials.

Remember, we are a presenter or speaker who must deliver our presentation material very well. How come? All eyes will look at us and the audience’s ears are ready to listen to all the information, messages and insights we will convey. In this case, Steve Jobs is famous for being very thorough in preparing all presentation material that he will deliver.


Steve Jobs will write down all the important points that he will convey, and he will master every important point in the presentation, especially the most important points as stated in the first point in this article.


By understanding all the presentation material that we are delivering, we will feel comfortable in conveying all of the material visually. So, don’t forget to master our presentation material, colleagues.

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