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Expresso coffee. The Café Expresso (also called espresso), is a form of elaboration of coffee originated in Italy . You owe your word to the production of this drink through an espresso machine. It is characterized by its quick preparation and a thicker flavor and texture .


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In 1901, thanks to the innovations of the Industrial Revolution in Europe , the first version of the Expresso machine was born. The original meaning of an Expresso was something that had to be prepared quickly; Literally translated, “Expresso” means fast. Luigi Bezzara , an inventor Milanese , recognized a patent for a machine with two sets with holder where the coffee tablet could be attached. This was the first time that coffee was quickly prepared for the customer. Already in 1905, Desidero Pavoni bought the Patent and started producing the first commercial Expresso Machine: La Ideale.


  • 7-8gr of freshly ground coffee.
  • 1 espresso machine using purified water.
  • 1 good mill.
  • 1 tamper (coffee compressor)
  • 1 cup of about 25ml.


The preparation of an espresso coffee forms a ritual that combines art and technique; and as every ritual has its own rules and the necessary conditions to prepare a good espresso are:

  • Amount of coffee: 7-7.5 g
  • Water temperature: 88 – 92 ºC
  • Water pressure: 9-15 bar
  • Preparation time: 20-30 seconds


  • Honor its name: Espresso means fast in Italian . To acquire a perfect Coffee , a small amount of water is forced under high pressure through the ground Coffee in order to obtain a fine and powdery consistency.
  • Recognized by the senses: It has a smooth body and on the palate it is perceived as an earthy flavor with a bittersweet finish ; Before the Eyes , the Drink must have clear and bright characteristics or Earthy and with a Dark Body .
  • Perfect Combination : Espresso quality coffee , requires the Composition of at least six components, including five types of Coffee and one roasted on two levels.
  • Served with Precision: The Cup with which it will be served must be kept at a certain Temperature, to prevent the Coffee from cooling or burning when it comes into contact with the cold walls of the Cup .
  • It comes from multiple destinations: In the case of the California Franchise , the espresso is made from Arabica Coffee and whose combination is made with Beans from countries such as Brazil , Costa Rica , Guatemala , New Guinea and Sumatra .
  • Sweet companion: The union with this Drink should be preferably with Sweet Food . Expert Café states that the mixture with sweets containing Candy , Chocolate Dark or cake of Ron , are the most favorable.


Italian espresso coffee has a hazel-colored foam, bordering on the dark brown color with dark blonde color joints. This cream has a very fine structure and small bubbles are absent. It reveals an intense aroma with notes of flowers, fruits, toast and chocolate. These sensations are also felt after drinking coffee as the aroma lasts for a long time, lasting for several seconds, sometimes even for minutes. The flavor is round, substantial and smooth. The acid and the bitter taste are well balanced and neither one prevails over the other.


The Café Express is included within the category of food. A single dose of Espresso Coffee (about 30 grams of Espresso Coffee ) contains approximately 3 Calories . When compared to other foods , the coffee espresso is less Caloric than the average of food , because it contains 9 calories per 100 grams, while other foods such as milk of Coco (230 cal), the wine red (85 cal) , White wine (82 cal) have many moreCalories .


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