Cocktail shaker

Shakers . A shaker is a container specially designed to mix drinks. It is mainly used by bar bartenders and discotheques for preparing cocktails . Most modern cocktail shakers are made of stainless steel .


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For the preparation of the cocktail, the ingredients are placed in the shaker (generally fruit juices , liqueurs , ice cubes , etc.), shaken for a few seconds and served in the glass, straining the mixture.

Do not fill it more than 2/3 of its capacity. Take it with both hands: with the right hand holding the top cap, with the left the bottom cap and the body. Do not lift it above the shoulder. Shake it vigorously from front to back with a little back and forth, pausing for a second, until you notice the cold container and the ice sounds dull.

Types of cocktail shakers

European cocktail shaker It consists of two pieces, a half-liter metal glass and a lid also made of the same metal, which fit one over the other. To open it, it is necessary to tap the point of union of both pieces. To serve the cocktail it is required to place a strainer as a lid. American cocktail shaker It is composed of two glasses of the same shape. One of glass of 500 cubic centimeters of capacity and the other of metal a little larger; which serves as a cover. Also known as the Boston guy . To serve the cocktail, place the strainer. Another version of the latter, the most used at home is the three-body, container, strainer and pompadour.

How to cure the shaker

Every new cocktail shaker must be cured before using it. Wash it before use, pour alcohol, add ice, cover and shake for a few seconds, uncover and wash, in this way the bacteria that may contain stainless steel in the manufacturing stage are eliminated.

Repeat this operation every time the work shift ends, thus avoiding the retention of aromas and flavors.

Tips for correct use of the shaker

  • The shaker should always be shaken vigorously but never for too long.
  • The cocktail shaker is mainly used to prepare cocktails containing fruit juices, milk creams, eggs or sweet liqueurs.
  • It is convenient to cool the cocktail shaker before putting the ingredients inside; at least half the volume of its content must be ice; not exceed two thirds of the total capacity of the shaker.
  • Soda, cava and soft drinks in general should never be poured into the cocktail shaker, as a large amount of foam would be produced and could explode; These liquids are added directly to the glass in which the combination has previously been served.
  • Introduce the ingredients in a certain order that, in most cases, is as follows: first the ice, then the sugar, then the eggs and milk and, finally, the liqueurs and juices.
  • The ice that was used to make a cocktail should never be used for a second mixture, since the cocktail would be watery.
  • Wash the shaker after each cocktail, since when preparing a different cocktail, the small surplus of the previous one can alter the flavor of the second one.

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