Coat rack

Coat rack . Furniture that aims to hang coats, hats or other garments.


The term coat rack can refer to two types of furniture:

  • The one that is hung from the wall and has several aligned supports on which the clothes are hung.
  • The “standing coat rack” that consists of a vertical trunk that rests on a base or on legs from which several arms emerge on which the clothes are hung.


They are useful to order the clothes and have them collected in a single place in the house.

The standing coat racks are placed in the hall of the house, which is where people usually take off their outer clothing. They are especially useful when receiving visits. Its height is usually 1.60 to 1.65 cm so that a person of average height can easily access it.

Coat racks are also essential in offices, offices, and other workplaces. In such cases, they are usually placed at the entrance or next to a wall in a discreet place in the room.

The wall hanger has the advantage of taking up less space than the previous one. It can even be placed behind a door, thus taking advantage of useless space. Wall coat racks can be installed in different rooms of the house such as children’s rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. In the children’s room they are used to hold clothes, toys, rag dolls, etc. while in the bathroom its function is to hold bathrobes and towels.


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