Co-working: how to find a shared workspace

Co-working,what is it? It has been talked about for some time also in Italy. Provide a working space, a desk, a meeting room that can be used by those in search of it. Hence the Coworkingfor initiative , the first Italian search engine for shared work environments .

How do you find a workspace ? And how do you know you have one? Coworkingfor brings together supply and demand. The site, recently presented, allows you to easily find and book a desk, meeting room or office for a shorter or longer period, choosing from the many spaces in the area.

At the moment there are about 50 coworking spaces scattered throughout the peninsula that have joined. Coworkingfor also shows the specific characteristics of each space. The user-worker has only to choose between the services offered according to his needs and make the online reservation to reserve the workplace.

” The platform is designed to allow professionals to interact with each other and create a network of different and synergistic professionals, which give rise to new job opportunities ” explained on the blog Claudia Merlini, creator of Coworkingfor. ” By going beyond the concept of physical space and distance, the site facilitates business development both within the shared work environment and by creating a network of interactions according to the glocal model “. The portal, it should be specified, allows you to insert and search for ads for sharing work spaces for free .

How it works . Distinctions are needed between those looking for a space and those who want to rent it. For the first, just indicate the chosen place on the search bar and refine the search according to your needs, including price, proximity and services. At that point it is possible to book online. Those who have a space to rent can add it to the site by inserting photos and detailed information, with the possibility of joining the booking system for free, which guarantees secure payments and allows you to manage the online calendar.

What is the usefulness of coworking? Working in coworking mode saves money, new job opportunities are established but above all it also makes a big contribution to the environment, optimizing work spaces and consumption.

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