5 plants to grow in the office and 5 good reasons to do it

How to make the office more comfortable and welcoming? The answer is very simple: by growing plants suitable for purifying the air and ensuring greater well-being. The office is the place where employees spend most of their day. Inside, the optimal conditions for maintaining good health should always be guaranteed.

The presence of some indoor plants that purify the air can transform the workplace into a healthier environment . The reasons for taking care of a seedling to be placed on your desk do not end there. Discover them together with the indications on the most suitable plants to grow in the office.

Here are the top 5 reasons to grow plants in the office:


Improve air quality and health

The plants help to purify the air office and improve the health of employees. This is confirmed by a NASA study . Indoor plants are able to absorb volatile substances (VOC) which can create respiratory problems or irritation to the eyes. Thanks to indoor plants, the office air will be cleaner and more breathable. In addition, plants help to make your stay in the office more pleasant and to ensure greater general well-being, so as to promote healing from diseases.

Reduce stress

Plants in the office help to reduce stress in those who work there. To confirm what has been speculated for some time, psychological tests have been carried out at university level in the United Kingdom. The study , conducted in the context of environmental psychology, has shown that the presence of plants in the office helps to prevent and counter stress.

Improve productivity

Taking care of a seedling in the workplace improves self-esteem and increases productivity. Washington State University researchers have shown, through a specific study, that growing indoor plants helps employees perform their duties with greater concentration and efficiency. Thanks to the presence of the plants, during the experiment, the productivity of the participants underwent a 12% increase.

Make the office more comfortable

Indoor plants help regulate the degree of humidity in the office. The minimum humidity level normally recommended for homes is 30 percent, but many workplaces do not respect it. Too low humidity can lead to fatigue while working and breathing problems . A study conducted at the University of Washington has shown that, thanks to plants, the ideal humidity level can be reached in the office.

To protect the environment

Growing seedlings in the office, or a small vegetable garden , reminds us of the importance that respect for nature and the environment must always have in our lives, even when we are committed to carrying out our work tasks. Watering the plants in the office or on the desk helps to relax the mind and promotes the focus on what really matters in life. By taking care of a plant we can only remember to always put the environment first. In the office we will no longer waste paper, we will reduce waste and we will save electricity.

Discover the 5 most suitable plants for the office:


The phalanx, or Chlorophytum comosum , is a plant native to Southern Africa. It is suitable for indoor cultivation . In the office it can be placed on the highest shelves or in hanging pots to hang from the ceiling. According to research conducted at the University of Hawaii , this plant improves office air quality and reduces work stress. In addition, the plant decreases the presence of volatile compounds and allergens, making the air more healthy and breathable. It does not require frequent watering and is satisfied even with poorly lit rooms.


Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a herbaceous plant that can be grown without problems on the desk and that can also be placed next to a window. It is very resistant and does not require much care, as well as rather frequent watering, useful for keeping the soil moist . Scientific studies suggest that the proximity of a lemon balm plant improves mood and well-being at work. According to a study conducted at the University of Ohio , the benefits of lemon balm in favor of good mood can be correlated to aromatherapy and essential oilspresent in its leaves. For your lemon balm plant use rich, well-drained soil. Remember to always remove stagnant water from the saucer.


Philodendron is a perfect houseplant also for the office. According to experts from the University of Sidney , choosing to grow this plant is a guarantee of some health benefits. Philodendron frees air from volatile VOC compounds and excess carbon dioxide . Frequent exposure to these substances, according to a specific study , can cause headaches and lack of concentration. The soil of the philodendron must be rich. Water the plant twice a week.

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The genus spatifillo includes a set of floral plants native to South America. Their name is derived from the shape of the flower, which resembles a spoon or spatula. The most common flowers are white or cream colored. According to NASA, it is one of the most suitable plants to improve air quality, due to its high capacity to purify it from harmful substances . These plants love a rather rich soil that must never be completely dry. Water them two or three times a week to ensure always healthy leaves and frequent blooms.

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Epipremnum aureum

Epipremnum aureum is a climbing plant suitable for indoor air and home air purification, as emphasized once again by NASA . It is perfect for growing in the office and on the desk, even in conditions of less than optimal brightness, since it is content with little light . It does not like excessive soil moisture and does not require too frequent watering.

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