Claims and most common demands of the union to companies

Generally, companies and institutions provide various benefits, comforts and attention to their employees, ensuring a suitable and favorable work environment for everyone in general.

However, there is a group of workers who make up a union, it is important to note that these workers also fulfill their main function in the company , fulfill their job in addition to being part of the union.

This is done, in short, to defend the interests of the employees and demand the well-being of each one of them. These complaints and demands are formulated through meetings between employees at different levels of the companies with their superior, and this is how this chain works, until the complaints reach the main boss or whoever they should, to be solved.

In the worst cases, it can go as far as a strike by workers or peaceful protests if the situation is very extreme. And all of this would be legal. In short, the union is responsible for advocating for all those situations considered unfair or aggravating against the welfare of employees, even if they come from another employee or a minority of them.

What is a company union for?

The union is an association within the work area, formed by the same employees of the area who occupy different job positions. In a way, it is related to politics, since members of these tend to be very popular among all members of the company and tend to have some power over most employees.

This association is in charge of studying, evaluating and fighting for the benefits and interests of workers. Some of the main problems that a union protests is that lately the changes in the economic paradigm have strengthened some companies.

And based on that, they have developed and established new production practices that disadvantage their employees in certain aspects such as, for example, the lack of social protection and the reduction of labor rights.

The union of a company represents the voice of all the workers of the same, when considering an injustice that affects their labor and personal well-being. These objectives go hand in hand with the main objectives of human resources .

It should be mentioned that the union not only faces employers, there are situations in which the problem or inconvenience comes from an employee , in this the union can also take action and present complaints and solutions to the superior members of the business.

Claims and most common demands of the union to companies

The union is the voice of the workers in terms of the strategic planning of the companies , without this the employees would not be able to comment on certain situations such as, for example, cuts in personnel, reduction of wages, changes in the work environment, non-compliance or alteration of employee contracts, among others.

The most common complaints in the human resources area have always been or are related to the following:

  • The salary of the employees
  • Denial of some benefits
  • Working hours
  • Abusive treatment and actions by upper limbs
  • The reduction of hours without justification
  • Discipline problems from another employee

What are the advantages and disadvantages of unions in a company?

The unions are responsible for reaching an agreement between employees and employers that benefits both the company and the personal development of each. This generates better communication between the two, because in situations that may arise, it is possible to dialogue to reach a possible solution.

This participation and acceptance generates that the employees feel comfortable and satisfied; Therefore, it ensures better performance in the work area and greater productivity.

On the other hand, members taking advantage of the union’s power may demand more than is fair and the way to solve problems is not always the most appropriate; since the protests generate a tense atmosphere within the company.

However, employees cannot be fired or penalized for participating in a peaceful strike; as this in most countries is totally legal.


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