CJ’s girlfriends in GTA San Andreas: how to find them

One of the funniest additions to GTA San Andreas compared to previous installments is that the protagonist can have different girlfriends. If you find the right girls and try hard, CJ will have a loving relationship! In this article we will tell you who the brides are, how to make them fall in love and what rewards you will get by raising the level of the relationship.

Denise Robinson

Denise appears in the Burning Desire mission . CJ saves the girl from a fire, which makes her eternally grateful to him. She has a strong personality, very independent and is quite protective of CJ. Loving to shoot rival gangs and go to Los Santos parties, Denise is an ideal ally and girlfriend for CJ.

  • Location to ask her out: lives near CJ, in Ganton, where the bridge.
  • Hours available: from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
  • Eating Out: There is a restaurant called Ten Green Bells, near where she lives. It is your favorite! Other options are fast food restaurants.
  • Going out to dance: She loves to go dancing at the Alhambra, near the Idlewood neighborhood of Los Santos.
  • Going out for a walk: Denise doesn’t like to be far from home. Take it by car and accelerate whenever “FUN” appears on the screen. If there are rival street gangs, slow down and let her have fun shooting at them.
  • Gifts: give her flowers.
  • Have coffee together: When the relationship level reaches 40%, Denise will invite you for coffee.
  • Rewards: when you reach 50% ratio, you will get the keys to Denise’s car, the Hustler. Upon reaching 100%, he will give you a Pimp Suit

Helena Wankstein

Helena is one of the toughest CJ girlfriends in GTA San Andreas . It is not easy to fall in love with her, since she tolerates that, at most, Carl has only up to 20% musculature. The best way to achieve this goal is to starve CJ for a few days, swim and run a lot until he loses a lot of fat and muscle. Finally, the last requirement is that CJ has high sex appeal .

  • Ask her out location: She is near the Ammu-Nation of Blueberry, Red County. He lives on a farm in Flint Range, Flint County.
  • Available hours: between 8:00 and 12:00, or between 14:00 and 2:00.
  • Eating out: the closest restaurant to Helena is World of Coq, in Rodeo, Los Santos.
  • Go out to dance: Alhambra is the best option. Aim for at least 4,000 dance points to impress Helena.
  • Going out for a walk– Drive slowly through the fields near Helena’s house.
  • Gifts: no need to give gifts.
  • Have coffee together: Helena invites you to have coffee when you reach 70% relationship level.
  • Rewards: Falling in love with Helena allows you to access her shed, where you will find a chainsaw, pistol, flamethrower and a Molotov cocktail. At 50% of the relationship, Helena will give you her keys to drive her car, Bandit. At 100%, you will get rural clothing.

Katie zhan

Katie Zhan practices Tai Chi and is a nurse. It is not difficult to fall in love with her, but you must have at least 75% muscle and high sex appeal . She is one of the brides with the most advantages for CJ, since it allows you to keep the weapons and not pay when you are sent to the hospital.

  • Asking her out location: lives in Juniper Hollow, San Fierro.
  • Hours available: between 12:00 and 00:00
  • Eating out: Katie prefers dining out, with Paradiso Diner Restaurant as her preference.
  • Go out to dance: Gaydar Station is the closest club to your home.
  • Go out for a walk: Take her for a walk in Chinatown or other coastal areas. He prefers that you go with moderate speed, so do not accelerate too much even if he asks you to do so on one of the rides.
  • Gifts: nothing specific.
  • Have coffee together: when they reach 52% of the relationship level, after a meeting they will invite you to have a coffee.
  • Rewards: Falling in love with Katie allows you to go to the hospital without losing your weapons or having to pay. At 50% of the relationship level, you will get the keys to his Romero car. You will get a doctor’s uniform when you reach 100%.

Millie perkins

You will meet Millie for the first time in the Key to Her Heart mission . CJ kills Benny and impersonates him to win over Millie. She discovers the robbery plan and asks for a share of the loot for herself. You can stick with the plan with her or delete her. It is true that you can kill her to complete the mission quickly, but then you will not be able to have her as a girlfriend!

  • Location to ask her out: she lives in Prickle Pine, in Las Venturas.
  • Hours available: from 12:00 to 22:00.
  • Eating Out: Millie likes any restaurant.
  • Go out to dance: she loves to dance, and better if it is to a club near The Camel’s Toe.
  • Going out for a walk: she likes car rides but without much speed and within the neighborhood where she lives.
  • Gifts: There is no need to give him gifts. However, if you show up at her house dressed in the Gimp Suit (the suit that Millie gives you), you will have a sexual encounter with her that will add 10% to the relationship level.
  • Have coffee together: At 40% of the relationship, Millie will invite you for coffee.
  • RewardsUpon reaching 35% relationship level, Millie will give you the swipe card (essential for the mission). At 50%, you will get the keys to use their Club car.

Barbara schternvart

Barbara is a police officer who can be somewhat controlling, the most among CJ’s girlfriends. Still, he doesn’t care if the player commits some crimes. You can find her for the first time outside El Quebrados Sheriff’s Station. Although he likes that CJ is fat, it is not necessary if you have a very high sex appeal .

  • Place to ask her out: right where El Quebrados Sheriff’s Station.
  • Hours available: between 00:00 and 06:00; sometimes also between 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
  • Eating Out: Take her out to dinner at Jays Diner.
  • Going out to dance: The closest club is where The Camel’s Toe, but Gaydar Station is another good option.
  • Going out for a walk: always drive the car close to Barbara’s house, and never exceed the speed limits.
  • Gifts: nothing specific.
  • Have coffee together: Barbara invites you to have coffee when you reach 60% relationship level.
  • Rewards: For making Barbara fall in love, CJ doesn’t lose the bulletproof vest or his weapons when stopped. At 50% relationship, Barbara will give you the keys to her car, Ranger. At 100%, you will get the police uniform.

Michelle Cannes

Michelle is at the driving school in Doherty. Lives in Downtown, San Fierro. It is necessary for CJ to have 90% sex appeal and over 50% fat. She always shows up at the driving school, so feel free to be persistent and look for her there. Of course, if you leave driving school or do some activity, Michelle may temporarily disappear.

  • Ask her out location: After becoming CJ’s girlfriend, you can find Michelle in her garage, in Downtown, San Fierro.
  • Hours available: between 00:00 and 12:00.
  • Eating Out: He loves bars. The closest to where she lives is Misty’s.
  • Going out to dance: Gaydar Station is the best option, as it is the closest place to Michelle.
  • Going out for a walk: Doherty and Garcia are his favorite areas. Always drive very fast!
  • Gifts: The best gift is letting Michelle drive CJ’s car. Therefore, it is best to always show up with your car. She will drive; You will be in charge of changing the radio channel and relaxing until the end of the meeting.
  • Have coffee together: at 40% relationship, Michelle will invite you for coffee.
  • Rewards: just for making Michelle fall in love, you can use Michelle’s Auto Repair service for free. However, due to a bug you need to have a minimum of $ 100. At 50% relationship you will have access to Monster, Michelle’s vehicle. At 100%, you will get a racing uniform.

Positive and negative reactions of women in love

Keep in mind that it is not so easy to have good relationships with these women from GTA San Andreas . You need to take specific actions to make them passionate about CJ. Sometimes what you do will make them turn away from the protagonist. The requirements to keep them happy change from girl to girl.

With all of them, a bar will be displayed that indicates the level of the relationship and that it goes from 0% to 100%. Certain actions will make the percentage go up or down, it depends on how you carry them out and on the woman in question. Here are examples of actions and how it can affect the level of the relationship.

Positive feedback

  • Have a good meeting: + 5%
  • Show up with flowers: + 1%
  • The bride accepts the kiss: + 1%
  • Have sex – Have a coffee: 5%
  • Have a good match (2 players, only on PS2): + 5%

Negative reactions

  • Have a bad encounter: -5%
  • Introducing yourself with a dildo: -1%
  • The bride does not accept the kiss: -1%
  • Having a bad match (2 players, only on PS2): -5%

How to have jealous girlfriends

Whether you do things right or wrong, there is a chance that a jealous girlfriend will show up when returning from a good meeting with another girlfriend. You will see a cinematic, which shows who the jealous girlfriend is that arrives. After that, CJ continues with the duty of taking home the girlfriend he had the date with, but the jealous woman will follow both of them!

You can run away from the jealous girlfriend or get closer to both. In the latter case, the two will argue and the date will end right there. For obvious reasons, this will cause you to lose points with the girlfriend who accompanied you on the date.

Three requirements must be met for a jealous girlfriend to appear. If any of the three shown below is breached, the jealous girlfriend will not appear in the game again.

  • Don’t date just any girlfriend until you have at least two.
  • Don’t run away from the jealous woman to the point where she disappears.
  • Don’t let the jealous girlfriend see you with another on a date.


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