GTA San Andreas Cheats for PC

It’s time to use GTA San Andreas cheats ! If you’re playing on the PC version, you’re in luck: we’ve put together all the game codes so you can customize your game. You can get different types of cars, modify CJ to your liking and become the richest person in the state.

To activate the cheats, type the codes directly with the keyboard, while you are playing. There is no need to open a command window or anything like that, and the effects will be immediate. Create mayhem in the streets, battle ninja civilians, or get rid of the cops in the blink of an eye. Know what these GTA San Andreas cheats are for PC!

1. Weapons, health and money

Stunt Effects Trick Comments on the hack
Weapons 1 LXGIWYL Brass fist, 9mm pistol, baseball bat, shotgun, MP5, AK-47, rifle, rocket launcher, molotovs and spray can
Weapons 2 PROFESSIONALSKIT Knife, Desert Eagle, Tec-9, sawed-off shotgun, M4, sniper rifle, flamethrower, grenades and fire extinguisher
Weapons 3 UZUMYMW Electric saw, 9mm pistol with silencer, SPAS shotgun, MP5, M4, remote explosives, sniper rifle, heat detector rocket launcher
Money, health, armor and repair HESOYAM Get $ 250,000 cash, restore full health and armor, and repair cars
Endless life BAGUVIX You can still be killed by car, drowning, explosions, or falling from great heights
Infinite ammo FULLCLIP  
Infinite oxygen CVWKXAM You can swim as long as you want without drowning!
Activate Adrenaline mode ANOSEONGLASS Everything moves in slow motion
Hitman level with all weapons PROFESSIONALKILLER  

2. Attributes, police and gangs

With the code ONLYHOMIESALLOWED, there will only be gang members on the streets of San Andreas!

Stunt Effects Trick Comments on the hack
Do not increase Search level AEZAMI It does not increase the wanted level, but it does not remove the level you already have
Search Level 6 BRINGITON Everyone is going for you!
Increase Search level TURNUPTHEHEAT Increase the Quest level by 2 stars
Reduce the Search level TURNDOWNTHEHEAT Reduce Search level by 2 stars
Recruit anybody for CJ’s band (9mm) SJMAHPE If the recruited person is unarmed, they will get a 9mm pistol
Recruit anyone for CJ’s gang (Rocket Launcher) ROCKETMAYHEM If the recruited person is unarmed, they will get a rocket launcher
Reward for CJ’s head BAGOWPG  
Level of respect to the maximum WORSHIPME  
Sex Appeal to the max HELLOLADIES  
Cart attributes maxed out NATURALTALENT  
CJ gets fat BTCDBCB  
CJ slims KVGYZQK  
CJ gets muscular BUFFMEUP  
Energy to the max VKYPQCF  
Just gangs in the streets ONLYHOMIESALLOWED The police and civilians cease to exist. There will only be gangs fighting each other, and there will be no traffic except in gang territories
Bands all over San Andreas BIFBUZZ Everyone is replaced by gang members, even in parts of the state where there are usually no gangs

3. Cars and objects

Having a good all-terrain car and posing as a police officer is always a good idea

Stunt Effects Trick Comments on the hack
Hunter OHDUDE Helicopter
Tanker AMOMHRER Truck
Dozer ITSALLBULL Backhoe loader
Parachute AIYPWZQP  
Rhino IWPRTON War tank
Ranger JQNTDMH All terrain car
Caddy RZHSUEW Golf cart
Hotring racer 1 VROCKPOKEY Racecar
Hotring racer 2 VPJTQWV Racecar
Bloodring banger OLDSPEEDDEMON Old racing car
Stretch Limo CELEBRITYSTATUS Limousine
Romero’s Hearse WHERESTHEFUNERAL Funeral cart
Trashmaster TRUEGRIME Garbage truck
Quad FOURWHEELFUN Quadricycle
Hydra JUMPJET Airplane
Vortex KGGGDKP Boat
Monster truck MONSTERMASH  
Stunt plane FLYINGTOSTUNT Stunt plane

4. Gameplay

Stunt Effects Trick Comments on the hack
Activate Chaos mode STATEOFEMERGENCY All the characters in the game go on a rampage, burn houses, fight each other, etc.
All the civilians are Elvis Presley BLUESUEDESHOES  
Civilians attack with golf clubs AJLOJYQY  
Civilians want to hunt down CJ FOOOXFT  
Civilians attack with rocket launchers BGLUAWML  
Ninja Theme NINJATOWN The civilians turn into Asian men with katanas and all the chariots turn black. CJ gets a katana
Funhouse theme CRAZYTOWN CJ gets a clown nose and hair. Civilians dress in extravagant ways and the ice cream cart appears frequently
Attract women BEKKNQV  
Full sight control while driving OUIQDMW  
CJ jumps higher MEGAJUMP The jump is 10 times more than normal
Stronger punches IAVENJ One punch kills … the surprise is that civilians have it too!
Beach party LIFEISABEACH Civilians turn into bikini-clad women and cars will be beach-themed. CJ will wear shorts and sandals
Faster game SPEEDITUP  
Slower game SLOWITDOWN  

5. Modifications to cars and other vehicles

With GTA San Andreas cheats, all cars can be black, carry nitro, bounce, etc.

Stunt Effects Trick Comments on the hack
All cars have nitro SPEEDFREAK  
Cars fly off when colliding BUBBLECARS Crashed cars will fly out depending on the direction and force with which they are hit
Rural cars 1 FVTMNBZ All vehicles are replaced by cars that one finds in the field
Rural cars 2 BMTPWHR Same as above, but CJ doesn’t get any rural equipment
All cars are substandard EVERYONEISPOOR  
All vehicles are invisible WHEELZONLYPLEASE Motorcycles only have invisible wheels
Improved carriage control STICKLIKEGLUE Pressing R3 makes the carriage jump
Heavy traffic YLTEICZ  
Reduced traffic GHOSTTOWN No civilians
Destroy all the cars CPKTNWT  
Black cars IOWDLAC  
Pink cars LLQPFBN  
Flying cars CHITTYCHITTYBANGBANG They are controlled like an airplane
Flying boats FLYINGFISH They are controlled like an airplane
Taxis have nitro VKYPQCF Attentive! It is impossible to deactivate the code
Death Wagon JCNRUAD CJ controlled cart is indestructible and destroys everything it touches
Bike jumps CJPHONEHOME CJ can jump over buildings with his bike
Traffic lights with green light ZEIIVG  

6. Climate and weather

Stunt Effects Trick Comments on the hack
Orange sky OFVIAC The clock stops at 9:00 p.m.
Speed ​​up time YSOHNUL  
Slow down time PLEASANTLYWARM  
Very sunny weather TOODAMNHOT  
Sandstorm CWJXUOC  
Always midnight NIGHTPROWLER  


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