All the cheats of GTA San Andreas for Android

Below you will see a complete list of GTA San Andreas cheats for the Android version. Almost all the codes are the same as those for PC, but there are some that are exclusive to this version and that you will not find on other platforms. However, first we want to tell you how to activate the cheats.

How to enter the keys and activate the cheats

In the Android version of GTA San Andreas , it is necessary to take an extra step to be able to use the cheats on the list. The codes must be written, and for this you will need to use a keyboard. There are two ways to do this:

  • Using a virtual keyboard application. Go to Google Play and look for an application that allows you to install a virtual keyboard on your cell phone and use it in the middle of the game. Two examples are Gboard or SwiftKey.
  • Connecting a keyboard to your cell phone via Bluetooth. To do this, it is understood that you need to use a keyboard capable of connecting without cables, by connecting via Bluetooth. Some of these keyboards are really cheap!

As a tip, try to use cheats in a game other than the main one, as the codes can destroy the game or cause unwanted effects. If not, you can always use the cheats but without saving the game.

Life and protection hacks

  • HESOYAM: You fully recover your life and armor, in addition to obtaining $ 250,000.
  • BAGUVIX– Infinite health, except against explosions, falls and drowning.
  • CAINEMVHZC– Infinite health, except against police and helicopter fire.
  • GONPXWR– You become invincible against all types of damage.

Weapon Cheats

  • LXGIWYLWeapon Pack # 1, with Baseball Bat, 9mm Pistol, AK-47, Rocket Launcher and more.
  • PROFESSIONALSKIT– Weapon Pack # 2, featuring Desert Eagle, Knife, Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower, and more.
  • UZUMYMW– Weapon Pack # 3, with Silenced Pistol, Electric Saw, 12 Spas, MP5, and more.
  • BIEUHQY– Weapon Pack # 4, featuring a heavy machine gun, thermal vision goggles, and more.
  • FULLCLIP– You get infinite ammo.
  • PROFESSIONALKILLER– Max to killer level for all weapons.
  • OUIQDMW: allows you to handle weapons manually in carts.

Vehicle and traffic tricks

  • NATURALTALENT: maximizes driving ability with all types of vehicles.
  • SPEEDFREAK: all cars have nitro.
  • VKYPQCF: all taxis have nitro.
  • ZEIIVG: turns all traffic lights green.
  • YLTEICZ: aggressive drivers.
  • LLQPFBN– All vehicles turn pink.
  • IOWDLAC: all vehicles turn black.
  • BGKGTJH: all vehicles are low cost.
  • FVTMNBZ: all vehicles are rural.
  • EVERYONEISRICH: all cars become fast sports cars.
  • WHEELSONLYPLEASE: invisible cars. It does not affect motorcycles.
  • CPKTNWT: explode all the cars.
  • FLYINGFISH: flying boats.
  • RIPAZHA: flying cars.
  • GKPNMQ: Cars can be driven on water.
  • BUBBLECARS: cars fly off when hit.
  • LPNQMAS: increases the speed of the cars.
  • STICKLIKEGLUE: perfect driving.
  • JCNRUAD– Your tank becomes invincible and can instantly destroy other vehicles.
  • CJPHONEHOME: super jump with the bike.
  • OLDSPEEDDEMONSummons a Bloodring Banger.
  • PDNEJOHSummon variant A of the Hotring Racer.
  • VPJTQWV– Summons Hotring Racer Variant B.
  • RZHSUEWSummons a Caddy.
  • ITSALLBULL: invoke a Dozer.
  • OHDUDESummons a Hunter.
  • JUMPJETSummons a Hydra.
  • MONSTERMASH– Summons a Monster.
  • FOURWHEELFUN– Summons a Quadbike.
  • JQNTDMH: invoke a Rancher.
  • AIWPRTON– Summons a Rhino.
  • AQTBCODXSummons a Rosemary.
  • KRIJEBR– Summons a Stretch limousine.
  • FLYINGTOSTUNT– summon a stunt plane.
  • AMOMHRERSummons a Tanker.
  • TRUEGRIMESummons the Trashmaster garbage truck.
  • KGGGDKP– Summons a Vortex hovercraft.
  • ROCKETMAN– Summons a Jetpack.
  • AIYPWZQP– Summons a parachute.

Attribute cheats

  • WORSHIPME: maximize respect.
  • BTCDBCB: maximize fat.
  • BUFFMEUP: maximizes muscles.
  • STAMINA: maximizes resistance.
  • KVGYZQK: maximizes both fat and muscle.
  • HELLOLADIES: maximizes sex appeal .
  • HUNGRY: never be hungry.
  • AFJKBNRP– Maximizes casino gaming skill.
  • CVWKXAM: infinite oxygen for running and swimming in water.

Weather tricks

  • ALNSFMZO: cloudy.
  • CFVFGMJ: with fog.
  • AUIFRVQS: rainy
  • CWJXUOC: sandstorm.
  • TOODAMNHOT: completely sunny.
  • NIGHTPROWLER: always midnight.
  • OFVIAC: changes the time at 9:00 p.m. and freezes at dusk.

Pedestrian tricks, street gangs and search level

  • GHOSTTOWN– Eliminate pedestrians and decrease traffic.
  • FOOOXFT: all pedestrians have weapons.
  • STATEOFEMERGENCY: Pedestrians cause disturbances.
  • BAGOWPG– Pedestrians will attack you with weapons, including rocket launchers.
  • BGLUAWML– Pedestrians will attack you with guns.
  • SJMAHPE: You recruit any pedestrian. It will have a 9mm pistol.
  • ROCKETMAYHEM– You recruit any pedestrian. It will have a rocket launcher.
  • BIFBUZZ: only street gangs on the streets.
  • ONLYHOMIESALLOWED– A street gang war breaks out.
  • MROEMZH: Members of street gangs appear more quickly.
  • TURNUPTHEHEAT– Add two stars to the search level.
  • TURNDOWNTHEHEAT– Remove all stars from the quest level.
  • BRINGITON: search level at maximum.
  • IFIRSTDOZ: locks the search level (does not go up or down).

Miscellaneous tricks

  • ANOSEONGLASSGrants CJ adrenaline, slowing down time and increasing both stamina and melee damage and shooting accuracy.
  • KANGAROO: Activate the super jump.
  • STINGLIKEABEE: super punch. It is also activated for pedestrians.
  • SLOWITDOWN: slows down the game.
  • SPEEDITUP: speed up the game.
  • YSOHNUL: time passes faster.
  • YACKMWSAdvances game time four hours.
  • BYIXZIYBeat the current mission automatically. It does not work with all missions.
  • JQFUDUB: shows descriptions and bars about the characters in the game.
  • CIKGCGX: beach theme.
  • CRAZYTOWN: carnival theme.
  • BLUESUEDESHOES: Elvis Presley themed.
  • BEKKNQVkinky theme .
  • BMTPWHR: rural theme.
  • NINJATOWN: yakuza theme.


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