Choosing the best smartwatch for kids: TOP 7

Smartwatches designed for children are primarily important to their parents. Of course, the child has the possibility at any time to consult his time and to assume other functions. However, the main feature of these devices is that the parent can quickly and easily contact their child and track their whereabouts. In our article, you can easily find your child the best option for the device and in the future you will always be in contact with him.

Main duties

In smartwatches for children, there is a functionality that is not inherent in the adult. Let’s take a closer look.

  • The device’s removal sensor alerts parents to the loss or removal of watches from their hands.
  • The ability to listen to the environment by calling the device’s SIM card is included.

Due to the inability to install third-party games and applications, the device in question does not interfere with studies and homework. The ability to call makes it a quality replacement for your smartphone. Such features allow kids smartwatches to monitor a child of different age categories and parents to do other things worry free.

Ranking TOP 7 best smartwatches for kids

Recently in specialized and ordinary stores you can find a large number of the equipment in question, but does the entire range have the declared quality? We should understand this today. So we have created the TOP, which includes the 7 best models of smart watches for children. The range of these products includes:

  • Ginzzu GZ-501.
  • Elari KidPhone 3G.
  • Baby smart watch GW400S.
  • Wonlex GW1000S.
  • EnBe Children Watch.
  • Baby smart watch T58.
  • Prolike PLSW90.

Consider a more detailed assortment.

Ginzzu GZ-501

The model presented is known for its impressive features. For example, the device is protected not only against water infiltration into the body, but also against physical damage. Among other things, the smart watch supports Wi-Fi, which helps determine the location of the child even indoors. And the GPS support makes it possible to follow the movement trajectory of the one wearing the device and to establish a safe zone for the child. This device replaces a full-fledged smartphone for the smallest user with whom the parent will be in constant contact.

Navigation GPS support
SIM type microSim
Battery power 350 mAh
Dimensions 34x50x14 mm

Price category: from 1930 to 2200 rubles.

Ginzzu GZ-501 smart watch

The pros

  • colorful design (yellow and pink colors);
  • Wi-Fi support
  • GPS support;
  • not susceptible to physical damage;
  • protection against water penetration into the housing (protection standard IP55).

The inconvenients

  • not found.

A great model finally found what she so badly needed. My daughters are only 6 years old, there are a lot of people at school, so of course I worry about her. After purchasing these watches, I am calmer than ever. When the time is right, I can call her, find out where her daughter is, listen to the situation. I advise all parents who, like me, have paranoia, thank you!

Elari KidPhone 3G

Using the presented 3G device, the child can communicate with his parents and friends in video chat mode: you can make calls on the parents’ smartphones and on other KidPhone 3G phones. The device is equipped with an Alice voice assistant, which makes it possible to answer a question of interest, but that’s not all: Alice will tell a fairy tale to the child, play a game with him and will even put him in a good mood with a joke. The main feature of these smartwatches is the full parental control of children from their smartphone. The parent has the ability to know their child’s location and track their location history. During the course,

Battery power 580 mAh
Dimensions 54x42x15 mm
Navigation GPS support
SIM type nanoSIM

Price: from 5,700 to 6,999 rubles.

Elari KidPhone 3G smart watch

The pros

  • protection against humidity (IP55);
  • impact protection case;
  • Alice’s built-in voice assistant
  • the ability to follow a child;
  • remote transfer of hours to the necessary mode.

The inconvenients

  • not found.

My husband and I bought the featured device and have never regretted it. The child leaves the house for lessons and for different sections, and we know for sure that he is really there and that he does not jump. There is a voice assistant, it is more fun for my son to learn lessons and fall asleep with him. He can only call those to whom I have authorized access myself. This technology suits me perfectly, thank you.

Baby smart watch GW400S

The featured accessory is used by children as a watch, but it is a great way for parents to follow various aspects of their children’s lives. Since this device has built-in GPS, it can be used to track the exact location of babies throughout the day. With the new Geo Fencing option (geo-fence, safe zone), parents can receive a notification through a special app if their children leave the specified border on the map or even remove the device. A child can alert several adults at the same time to a possible danger just by pressing the SOS button.

Dimensions 46x40x15 mm
Navigation GPS module
SIM type microSim
Battery power 420 mAh

Cost: from 2990 to 3700 rubles.

Smart Watch Baby Smart Watch GW400S

The pros

  • bright design (purple, blue color);
  • protection against ingress of moisture into the housing (IP55);
  • high impact resistance;
  • the ability to alert several adults to danger;
  • remote baby tracking.

The inconvenients

  • not identified.

Of course, I think in giving the kid some sort of personal space, but there is a time when safety is above all else, which is why I have always presented the gadget. My daughters are 8 years old, it seems to me that it is too early for her to have a personal phone. Thanks to the smartwatch presented, the girl will contact me at a convenient time. Among other things, I can find out what territory my child is in. Great invention, I am calm.

Wonlex GW1000S

The presented smart device is recommended not only for children, but also for the elderly. There is support for 3G networks. The main features of the device with a camera are the display of the position in real time on the screen of your smartphone, the two-way communication of the child with an adult at a convenient time, the presence of the SOS panic button , synchronized with several contacts at the same time and the function of listening to external noise. In addition, this device is protected from moisture and dust inside the case.

Navigation GPS module
SIM type microSim
Battery power 600 mAh
Dimensions 41x53x15 mm

Cost: from 4430 to 5900 rubles.

The pros

  • protection against humidity and dust entering the housing (IP55);
  • there is the possibility of listening to the surroundings;
  • location function;
  • the presence of an SOS alarm button.

The inconvenients

  • There is no indicator that informs when a watch is removed from one hand.

A great option to ensure the safety of my child. Thanks to this device, I am always aware of my son’s whereabouts, how long he has been at home and that everything is fine with him. Even when going for a swim, I remain calm, because in this case I know that it will press the alarm button and, thanks to the humidity resistance of the watch, there is no need to take it out. rid even for a moment. I am happy with such a purchase, I recommend it.

Enbe children are watching

The presented gadget is quite easy to manage and functional. Here, the design and construction is primarily made for babies under 6 years old. In this model, an alarm button is provided, located in the most accessible place, after clicking on it, parents instantly receive notification of pre-established emergency numbers. In the set of functions there is a pedometer that will interest the child in physical development and help him to control the measures taken. The main feature of the model is GPS tracking which allows you to track the child’s position as accurately as possible.

SIM card microSIM
Battery capacity 350 mAh
Dimensions 50x40x15 mm
Navigation GPS tracker

Price category: from 3800 to 4780 rubles.

EnBe Children Watch smartwatch

The pros

  • integrated pedometer;
  • protection against water and dust (IP55);
  • panic button;
  • the ability to track the whereabouts of the child;
  • Children’s bright design in blue and pink tones.

The inconvenients

  • not found.

I bought EnBe Children Watch for my son, he is only 5 years old and he attends many circles already. So my wife and I are a little worried about him. An excellent model, perfectly fulfills what it is intended for. Environmental monitoring, wiretapping, location recognition function, there is always an indicator if the child was in a public place 10 meters from adults. Excellent device, excellent calms the nerves of parents.

T58 baby smart watch

This watch has a fashionable, non-childish design and has many useful features. Naturally, there is a GPS navigator, and one of the main features is the history of movements, thanks to which the coordinates of the position of the child over a period of 30 days are recorded. You can choose the day you want and see where exactly the child was during that time. In addition to the above qualities, there is a speed dial button (SOS), several adult numbers are connected to it at the same time, as well as a monitoring function allowing remote listening of the environment.

Navigation GPS
Battery capacity 500 mAh
Dimensions 45x34x14 mm
SIM card microSIM

Cost: from 2790 to 3390 rubles.

smart watch T58 baby smart watch

The pros

  • waterproof housing (protection standard IP55);
  • based on movement history;
  • monitoring function;
  • Stylish design in gold and silver.

The inconvenients

  • not identified.

Thanks to the manufacturers for this unique device! It is useful to watch the child, to call at a convenient time, to listen to the situation, and no one sees that those around him are listening. The design is cool, suitable for children and adults. I am happy, recommend it to everyone.

Prolike PLSW90

The presented device is equipped with all the necessary functions and is compatible with devices based on Android and iOS, this factor makes them universal. The backlit IPS touchscreen is bright and large, and the motion history feature lets you always know where the child is at any given time. In addition, the parent is able to limit the territory of the walk. And if the child goes beyond the “fence”, the user will receive a remote SMS notification. With the help of the monitoring function, parents can listen to the environment of the child.

Battery capacity 400 mAh
Dimensions 42x27x12 mm
SIM card microSIM
Navigation GPS

Price category: from 2350 to 2490 rubles.

Smartwatch Prolike PLSW90

The pros

  • backlit bright display;
  • there is a function of the history of movements;
  • limited walking area;
  • there is a monitoring function.

The inconvenients

  • The model is unstable to water and to shocks.

Beautiful bright model. At first I had geolocation issues, but over time I managed to set everything up. The device sends me all the information, so I know the necessary information about my child around the clock. I also want to thank the manufacturers for the monitoring function. Thanks to her, other than me, no one knows that I am looking at the location of the child.

Comparison table of the models presented

In order to compare the models presented, we suggest that you consult the table with the characteristics of the products in question.

Model CPU Battery capacity (mAh) Dimensions (mm) Navigation SIM card Price (RUB)
Ginzzu GZ-501 MTK6261A 350 34x50x14 GPS support microSim from 1930 to 2200
Elari KidPhone 3G MT6572M 580 54x42x15 GPS support nanoSIM from 5700 to 6999
Baby smart watch GW400S MTK2503D 420 46x40x15 GPS module microSim from 2990 to 3700
Wonlex GW1000S MTK6572A 600 41x53x15 GPS module microSim from 4430 to 5900
Enbe children are watching MTK6261 350 50x40x15 GPS tracker microSIM from 3800 to 4780
T58 baby smart watch MTK MT6261 500 45x34x14 GPS microSIM from 2790 to 3390
Prolike PLSW90 MTK6261 400 42x27x12 GPS microSIM from 2350 to 2490

What to look for when choosing

Before purchasing any of the above devices, we recommend that you study the selection criteria, they will help you avoid buying fake or low-quality products.

  • Is the display in color? The parameter is not the most important, but it will be more fun for the child to wear a bright and colorful gadget.
  • The maximum number of numbers in the directory. The optimum amount is 10-15. The child will call these phone numbers and can call him exclusively from these numbers.
  • GPS module. The main criterion in choosing the smart watch for children if you want to control the location of your child.
  • Hand sensor. A useful feature, thanks to it, the device will send you a notification about the loss or removal of the watch.
  • VibrationsThe child will probably not hear your call on the street or in a noisy room, but will feel the vibration of their hand in any case.
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