Top 10 games for kids on Android

The use of gadgets by children is a frequent subject of controversy. Can I give my child a phone ? And how long should I let you study with him?

Pediatricians argue that the permissible time for games should not exceed two hours for children under five years old. Then games on the phone will not harm either the eyesight or the psyche of the child. But what applications to choose for such leisure is a question that requires parental attention.

The best games for children on the phone and tablet are not just interesting, with bright pictures. In addition to being entertaining, such games have a positive effect on the development of the child. Presented in the top, applications train children’s attention, memory, form responsibility, consciousness.

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My Little Pony: Coloring

An excellent program for young fans of the cartoon of the same name about “ponies”. The game consists in coloring cards, which depict the adventures of familiar characters. Also, the player needs to complete various tasks to complete the levels.

Vibrant colors, crisp graphics and a variety of image options are what kids will love. To create a unique picture, in addition to the usual palette of colors, there are virtual markers with sparkles of different shades. The young artist will be able to show his imagination to the maximum.

My Little Pony has a high rating and many grateful user reviews. Gamers of all ages can play it on a smartphone . The developers regularly add new pictures and tasks.

Bubbu is my virtual pet

It is no coincidence that this cute cat got into the top games for kids on Android . He is not only charming, but helps to develop the child’s responsibility, kindness and ability to take care in a playful way.

A virtual pet needs petting, feeding, cleaning the litter box, bathing and playing every day. And if the little cat owner has forgotten about a friend, the application will remind you that Bubbu is hungry or wants to write.

With such a game on the phone, the child does not have to figure out what to do with himself. He will always have a virtual little friend.

In addition to caring for a kitten, various missions are available in the game, by completing which the player receives rewards in the form of coins. For them, he can fashionably dress a pet or pamper him with delicacies.

Users who have already played with Bubbu highly rate the game and note that it is a great option for families who are hesitant to have a live pet.

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Toca kitchen

This fun kitchen is one of the best apps in the top kids games for Android. It received the Parents’ Choice Award in 2012.

An entertaining intuitive interface and a variety of game options are what Toca Kitchen has won the love of young players and their parents.

The rules of the game are in the absence of rules. The child prepares dishes from the selected products with which he will treat the characters. The task is to mix everything you want, treat the hero and see his reaction.

The application includes a wide selection of products and cooking options: frying, boiling, stewing, baking in the microwave. Children learn the basics of cooking by playing on their smartphones.

Users call the main advantage of a virtual kitchen that there are no ads in the game and the need for additional purchases. There are also no age restrictions in it. It will be interesting to everyone, without exception.

Be-be-bears: Multisection

Does your child like be-be-bears? Fine. This means that he will like to play the game of the same name on his smartphone.

This educational application includes mini-games that will help you gain reading, counting, drawing skills and even basic knowledge of the English language. The application introduces children to the basics of geography and animals that inhabit the regions of the country.

Education in such an application will allow the child to receive a significant store of knowledge in various school subjects by the first grade. The best kids games for Android are those that in an unobtrusive way give the child useful knowledge and skills.

Experienced little gamers and their parents have highly appreciated the application and are happy to use it. This is evidenced by over 1 million downloads of the game.

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Hot Wheels Unlimited

This game will be a favorite of Hot Wheels speed car enthusiasts. The little racer will definitely appreciate the large selection of tracks, connecting which, you can build a city full of adventures and tasks.

In the application, the player will have to create his own unique super track from the proposed routes, along which high-speed cars will drive. As well as on the tracks of the same name, in the virtual Hot Wheels City, the player will face trials of different difficulty levels with famous monsters: a shark, a cobra, a bat and many others.

Spending time with such an application is fun and interesting, it helps a young player to develop attention, dexterity and foresight. Plus, Hot Wheels Unlimited can be played on a tablet or phone with a friend as you race through dangerous tracks.

LEGO Friends: Heartlake Rush

LEGO Heartlake Racing is another interesting runner for fans of fast driving along the city streets. In this game the player can:

  • Drive around the virtual city as your favorite hero.
  • Collect bonuses in the form of fruits, coins, ice cream, flowers and gifts.
  • Unlock new levels by completing missions and getting additional coins.
  • Decorate and upgrade your car using stickers and designs.
  • Move away from pursuers at high speed.

Passing levels, the player can also unlock new heroes and cars to collect their own collection.

Users are happy with this application, because there is no extraneous advertising in it. The game will appeal to children from 9 to 12 years old, will help them have fun and dynamic time.

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Find differences

Such an exciting puzzle will be useful entertainment not only for the child, but also for his parents. Finding the difference games stimulate the active work of the brain, promote concentration and concentration. Puzzles are very useful for the harmonious development of children.

There are many pairs of pictures available in the application, in which the player will have to find the differences. Users highlight 5 cool buns in the game:

  1. No time limits. The child does not need to panic in a hurry to discover the differences until the time is up.
  2. Possibility to enlarge the picture.
  3. Saving already found differences.
  4. Outstanding picture quality (HD).
  5. Unlimited hints.

Such a game will surely captivate a young player with use for a long time.

Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose

This app is an effective educational program for children from preschool to fourth grade. The game was developed with the participation of scientists from Stanford University. Working with funny cartoon characters, the child comprehends the basics of mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

The application has a kind of curriculum, consisting of levels, as the child learns new skills as he passes. A report card is provided that contains information on the levels passed so that parents can see what the baby has learned.

Users highly rate the game, calling it “an ingenious application for learning the basics of mathematics.”

Three cats. Educational games

Fans of cartoon about three funny kittens and their adventures will like this bright educational game from the first minute. The app contains 25 different games to help your child:

  • Develop attention, observation.
  • Learn numbers and basic math.
  • Improve your fine motor skills with coordination games.
  • Learn new words and repeat letters.
  • Develop an ear for music by composing your own tunes on the virtual piano.
  • Train visual memory and visual perception.

The application is free, with a kid-friendly interface and high-quality graphics. Together with Korzhik, Caramel, Compote and other favorite characters, the child will develop and gain knowledge in a playful way. The age category of young gamers is from 2 to 8 years old.

Minion rush

Adults and children know funny yellow minions from the cartoon “Despicable Me”. The developers offer to have fun playing a colorful endless runner with your favorite characters.

The action takes place in the locations of the cartoon. The player’s task is to run, collecting bonuses, complete tasks and receive rewards.

Yellow kids love to change outfits, and the player will have to help them with a choice. Bright graphics, dynamic racing and humor will make the young gamer return to the app again and again to have fun.

Such a game for a tablet or phone will benefit the child in the form of training attention, dexterity, and quick reaction. Adults will also have fun playing this runner.

The games presented in the top 10 received a high score from the players. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the average rating of each application on Google Play:

Name Grade
My Little Pony: Coloring 4.2
Bubbu is my virtual pet 4.5
Toca kitchen 3.8
Be-be-bears: Multisection 4.1
Hot Wheels Unlimited 4.2
LEGO Friends: Heartlake Rush 4.3
Find differences 4.7
Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose 4.6
Three cats. Educational games 4
Minion rush 4.4

Gaming on your smartphone isn’t always a waste of time. Many of them are able to help young players acquire new knowledge and master skills. The main thing is to dose the screen time and consciously approach the choice of programs. Then leisure with a gadget will only benefit an inquiring child’s mind.

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