How to connect a phone to a TV

If you want to show off fresh photos or videos, and huddle in front of the screen of a mobile phone is not comme il faut, then you need to connect your smartphone to the TV . Collected below are 10+ methods, including both classic HDMI, USB Wi-Fi, and unusual paths via Chromecast, MHL, etc.

Ways to connect phone to TV via cable

These methods are suitable for smart TV and for a 15-year-old “old man”. The main thing is that the smartphone and the TV have suitable connectors. And then – a matter of technology. We disassemble “brick by brick” 5 common methods of pairing “by wire”.


A connection type that does not distort the quality of the content. If 4K video is output through a wire to a TV that supports this resolution, every original pixel will be visible on its screen.

The only snag in the modern connection: not all phones have a micro-HDMI connector. The additional port is more common in tablets and video equipment. But despite this, mobile and TV are connected: many manufacturers have created a direct connection via 2E Type-C to HDMI cords . Such a connection looks as simple as shelling pears:

  1. Connect the cord to the correct ports. The TV has HDMI, and the phone has USB-C.
  2. Follow the instructions on the TV screen.

If your mobile only has lightning or micro-usb, you need to look for adapters. 2E Lightning to HDMI mates with the “apple” technology . In this case, the connection becomes a little more complicated, but it still remains clear.

  • Connect the mobile phone to the adapter.
  • Take the usual HDMI cable and connect it to the TV set on the one hand and the adapter on the other.
  • Follow the instructions on the device displays.

Owners of Android phones with a micro USB port should find a USB-C adapter, like the Belkin microUSB to Type-C . Then the connection goes in the standard way: the phone – to the adapter, the cable – to the TV and smartphone, follow the commands that appear on the screens of the devices.

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This method will work for almost any TV released after 2014-2015. To connect, you only need a USB cable – even a charger for a mobile phone will do . The main thing is that the side that will connect to the TV set coincides with its connectors.

If the TV was made earlier than 2017, there will be only USB-A (the most common USB), but the fresher models may also have USB-C. The connection will be like this:

  1. Connect a mobile phone and a TV set via YUSB.
  2. Turn on the “box”.
  3. Go to the TV settings, and assign the USB port as the source.
  4. Confirm this on your mobile.
  5. Icons or smart folders will appear on the TV display.
  6. Find the content you want and watch.


MHL is a special port in TV, created for connecting with mobile phones. Means Mobile High-Definition, which means “high-definition mobile connection”. Suitable for viewing files and transferring images. It will be possible to surf online on the phone and all this will be displayed on the big screen. If your TV supports this format, at least one of the HDMI outputs will be labeled like this. The connection will look like this:

  1. Connect the wire to the mobile.
  2. Connect the cable to the TV.
  3. Turn on both devices.
  4. In the TV menu, go to the settings and confirm “Auto-change MHL input”. Then, for any connection with the mobile phone, the TV will show what is happening on the mobile phone.

No additional devices of the “additional charging” type are required for the adapter.

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This connection type, specified by Analogix, works the same as MHL and connects to the Display Port. It connects to the phone via micro USB. To connect, just insert the ends of the cable into the corresponding ports and follow the instructions on the screen, making the mobile phone the main signal source.

Mini DisplayPort

If the TV does not have the ability to connect to the mobile phone through the usual ports, you should try to connect via Mini DisplayPort. It will display an image with a resolution of almost 2K (2560×1440) and supports most of the popular formats.

In other equipment, it can be found on old MacBooks – up to 2017, laptops from different manufacturers until 2018-2019, and some tablets manufactured before 2016-2018.

Today, Mini DisplayPort has been replaced with universal USB-C in all devices. It is through the connection with yusb that mobile phones are connected. You just need to find adapters from mini USB or USB-C to classic DisplayPort (you can find it on almost any TV). The Dell Adapter USB-C to DisplayPort is a great example .

To connect an iPhone, you need to take a Lightning to USB-C adapter. Then they connect in four steps.

  • Connect the mobile phone to the Lightning adapter.
  • Connect it to the USB-C to Displayport adapter.
  • Connect this wire to your TV.
  • Switch on both devices and follow the instructions on the screen.

Let the connection turn out to be a little confusing, but you can even connect your mobile phone to an outdated TV set that is more than 10-15 years old.

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

The connection method is exclusively iPhone to TV, because this is the original adapter from Apple.

The principle of its connection resembles the pairing of “apple” to HDMI only with minimal differences:

  1. The adapter connects to the iPhone.
  2. The HDMI cable mates with an adapter.
  3. The wire is inserted into the HDMI port of the TV.
  4. Then follow the instructions on the display.

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Connect your TV to your phone wirelessly

For those who do not like cords, the technique offers a wireless connection. We will analyze below 5 connection methods without cables.


You don’t even need a router here! However, it is important that the TV is Wi-Fi Direct. You can find out about this by looking at the instructions for the device. Then the TV and mobile phone on Android are paired using the Wafi protocol without a router . This is done like this:

What’s happening Necessary steps
Activate Direct on TV Settings → Wireless → Wi Fi Direct
Activate Direct in mobile Settings → Wireless → Wi-Fi → Wi Fi Direct
Connect devices Find your TV model in the list of gadgets for connection
Enjoy the content Go to the gallery, and using the “Send” submenu, transfer files to TV


For such a connection, you will need any android mobile phone and TV that works with Miracast. In the lion’s share of smart TV sets, it is already “by default”. For simplified TVs, there are adapters that will “present” this feature even to an old device.

If Mirakast works on the “big screen”, pairing will take place in this way:

  1. Open TV settings and activate Miracast. In most Smart TV Mirakast is located in the “Wireless communications” block. If it is not there, look at the TV manual for the exact location of the setting.
  2. Go to the phone menu → “Screen”, → “Wireless monitor”.
  3. Find your TV in the list of devices.
  4. In just a split second, everything that happens on the mobile phone will also be on the large monitor.

If you need to connect to an old TV set, it will look like this:

  • Buy an adapter. It is better to take a universal one that will support ChromCast and AirPlay – then it will fit any phone.
  • The Chromecast needs to be connected to the HDMI of the TV.
  • Select HDMI as signal source
  • Go to the smart menu → “Screen” → “Wireless monitor”.

Everything is ready and you can watch any content.

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One more connection via Wi-Fi, though here you will need a router. The TV itself must work with DLNA technology, otherwise nothing will start. Connect as follows:

  1. Connect TV and smart to the same router.
  2. Activate DLNA in TV settings.
  3. Enable android gallery and find file.
  4. Go to the document menu (by clicking on the ellipsis) and go to the item “Select a player”.
  5. Find the name of your TV.
  6. Watch content on the big screen.


Universal pairing method that works with androids and iPhones. All you need to do is find your Chromecast.

To connect your PC and mobile, you need to do the following:

  1. Connect Chromecast to HDMI TV.
  2. Pair Chrome with Wi-Fi
  3. Download Google Home to your mobile phone.
  4. Open the app and log in to it.
  5. Play a video or photo on a mobile phone in programs that support streaming to Chromecast.
  6. Start streaming content to the STB.

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Connecting smartphone to TV via AirPlay

This method is for true connoisseurs of the Apple ecosystem, since it requires an iPhone and an Apple TV console . The TV can be any – the main thing is that it has HDMI, through which it will be connected to the console.

The pairing itself goes like this:

  1. Check that the mobile phone and TV are transmitting data to the same router.
  2. Exit to the smartphone desktop and swipe up to open the “Control Center”.
  3. Press the “Screen Repeat” button
  4. Confirm Apple TV streaming.

To legitimate a smartphone and a TV, you need to select interfaces and follow the tips described above. Good luck!

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