How to choose an external training platform

Providing good corporate training is an essential action for companies that wish to stand out in the market and have qualified professionals. In this scenario, knowing a good platform for external training has become the option for many institutions. This is because they allow the teaching to be optimized and enhanced, after all, it can be done remotely and according to the availability of each professional.

However, how to use and choose the best external training platform for you? Check out our tips to hit the nail on the head and check out the benefits of this training format.

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What will you read in this article?

  • The main functionalities of a platform for external training
    • Possibility of customization
    • Support for videos and live streams
    • Easy usability
    • Good technical support
    • Complete learning management system
    • Ease of interaction
    • Guaranteed certification
    • Security for all
  • Ready to choose the ideal external training platform?

The main functionalities of a platform for external training

The first step in choosing your ideal platform is to define what needs it needs to fulfill. That is, what is the ideal accommodation to meet your needs and that of your students? Therefore, there are fundamental questions that must be raised by the company. Among them, we highlight:

Possibility of customization

To choose your platform for external training it is essential to ensure that it is customizable. That is, that allows you to leave it with the visual identity of your brand. More than that, the training should be exactly the way you want it: colors, logos and content structures need to be customized according to your requirements.

Knowing how to work with all your visual identity in online training positively influences student learning. Still, it makes your brand present in that person’s unconscious and makes it easier for them to identify your company whenever they see something related to them.

Support for videos and live streams

Another important point to choose your platform for external training is to choose one that has good support for video and live streams.

You may not be able to broadcast in real time at first. However, as time passes and your training becomes more successful, this action can become important. So, from the beginning, it is worth checking if your platform will guarantee this action with quality.

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Easy usability

It is important that you know how to update and handle your chosen platform without having to go to an IT specialist. So, even though professional help may be needed at the beginning, the platform should be intuitive and allow you to make simple and important adjustments whenever you need it. Content updates and material sharing, for example, must be done in an agile and effective manner.

Good technical support

Although it is essential to choose a tool that is easy to use, it is important to ensure that it offers dynamic technical support, should you need it. Therefore, when researching the best platform for external training, check out:

  • Does it have a good FAQ?
  • Do you offer support in Portuguese?
  • Answers your questions in real time?
  • Do you offer contact email for troubleshooting?
  • What is the comment of those who already use the tool?
  • Is the public’s assessment positive?

It is important to do this prior research so as not to worry about further discomfort. Thus, you will have all your doubts answered and the chance of getting the platform right is exponentially greater.

Complete learning management system

It is important to choose a platform with a good learning management system that allows you to produce and make available a variety of resources that help students learn.

Among the functions offered, the possibility of interaction between training participants, organization and availability of material, among others, must be observed.

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Ease of interaction

It is also important to choose a platform that facilitates and encourages participation and interaction between everyone. Having a forum, for example, can be essential to improve this relationship between participants. This is because the forum is an important place for sharing knowledge and relevant content between students and teachers.

Thus, it can help to stimulate the exchange of experiences and also serve as a thermometer for the teacher and company. This is because in the forums, students’ frequent doubts can be observed and, from then on, the instructor will be able to develop materials aimed at solving those doubts. The teacher can also suggest extra reading tips to further improve learning, for example.

Guaranteed certification

When choosing a platform for external training it is important that it is complete. That is: offer support from the beginning to the end of the course. It must also guarantee the issuance of the training completion certificate. This makes the student receive this document automatically, without the need to worry about printing and mailing, for example.

Certification can be guaranteed after a learning assessment, for example. Thus, the chosen platform must allow the company to have access to the student’s performance. In this way, the institution will know what was effectively learned and assimilated by him.

Also, this data should be used as a basis for upcoming training, that is: it is up to the company to check the performance of its employees and analyze if there is any training module that needs to be updated or reinforced.

Security for all

Another important point is to ensure that the chosen platform is safe, both for you and for students. So, make sure there is good user control, reports, audits, backups and more. It is essential to maintain the integrity of your content and that the information of training participants is kept confidential.

Ready to choose the ideal external training platform?

When choosing the platform for your company, remember to keep all these tips in mind. If necessary, make a checklist to avoid letting any of these topics go unnoticed. Thus, you will be prepared to choose the best platform for your business. So, are you ready to choose yours?

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