How to choose a curing light for your dental office?

Depending on what we are going to use the curing light in our dental clinic, we have to consider some aspects or others. In his last visit to the Dentaltix offices, Alejandro de Rumar explains everything in this latest interview:

  1. CI told about the technical and functional aspects to be taken into consideration when choosing a curing light.
  2. We will do a comparative practice of the DTE and Woodpecker lamps

What should be considered when choosing a curing light for a dental office?

Before choosing the ideal curing light for your dental practice, it is essential that you know what use it will be used for. It is necessary to be very clear on the type of composites with which one will work in order to know the technical requirements to consider when choosing.

According to Alejandro, when you buy your polymerization lamp you should consider the following:

1. Intensity:

The more intensity the lamp can offer you, the better, because it will give us more possibilities to cure composites at a greater depth. In high-end lamps, it is also interesting that low intensities can be achieved because it will allow us to adapt to multiple needs in each clinical case or treatment.

2. Wavelength amplitude:

What interests us is that the lamp can offer us the widest possible range of wavelengths to adapt to the optimal wavelengths of each type of composite and to be able to use it with the maximum possible number of resins.

even if you know that you always work with the same types of composite, you can buy a lamp that you know that reaches the necessary wavelength well and is not necessary to have a very wide range of wavelengths.

3. Curing programs

The norm today is that all lamps incorporate at least 3 different programs to polymerize in different ways according to the needs of the treatment:

  • Ramp Up: progressive increase in intensity.
  • Step: switching between 0 and maximum intensity.
  • Constant maximum power level.

High-end lamps can incorporate multiple types of programs and functions, such as caries detection with blue light.

4. Lamp design

Although this aspect can be very subjective, it is important that the lamp has a good design to convey a sense of modernity, cleanliness and technology to our patients. It is also very important to take into account the weight and ergonomics of the curing light.

5. Wireless or wired lamps

Today almost all lamps are wireless which offers great working comfort. However, when choosing a lamp, the battery life and charging time must be taken into account.

Recommendations and comparison of 6 curing lamps:

High-end curing lights:

X-CURE curing light: Power: 200 – 2500 mV. Wavelength: 385 – 515nm. Wireless


Medium-high range curing lights:

  • DTE iLed curing light : Power: 1000 – 1800 mV. Wavelength: 430 – 485nm. Wireless. Advantage: it does not work through the optical fiber, so the tip is less delicate.
  • Woodpecker iLed H.Ortho curing light: Power: 1000 – 2500 mV. Wavelength: 440 – 495nm. Wireless. Particularly suitable for polymerization in orthodontic treatments.

Mid-range curing lights:

  • Woodpecker Led G curing light Power: 1000 – 1200 mV. Wavelength: 440 – 490nM. Designed to be connected to the treatment center.
  • Curing light Led.D of the DTE: Power: 1000 – 1700 mV. Wavelength: 440 – 490nM. It is not wireless, but for this reason it is cheaper.

Other tips for choosing the best curing light for your clinic:

In addition to considering the technical and aesthetic aspects, Alejandro stresses that it is very important to buy a curing light with warranty and good after-sales service in order to give adequate maintenance and to be able to easily buy spare parts.

In addition, we recommend this other blog article with videos in which Alejandro de Rumar tells us How to avoid light curing lamp failures?

We hope this article will help you choose curing lights for your dental office more easily. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the lamps, we will be happy to help you


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