Chilli oil

The chili oil , chili pepper oil or oil spicy is a seasoning made from vegetable oil in the additional dry ingredients chillies and sometimes macerated. It is used as an ingredient in Chinese gastronomy as well as in some other culinary traditions in East and Southeast Asia . It is particularly popular in Sichuan gastronomy , where it is used as ingredients in recipes as well as a condiment. Sometimes it is used as a dipping sauce for meat and dim sum . It is also used in jjamppong Chinese-Korean noodle soup.

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Chilli oil is typically red in color because of lycopene. It is made from vegetable oil , often soy or sesame oil , although olive oil or others can be used . You can include other spices, such as Sichuan pepper , garlic, or paprika , which are soaked in the oil. Industrial recipes may include other types of oil, water , dry garlic , soy sauce, and sugar . Recipes destined for the West also suggest other popular oils, such as rapeseed, grape seed orpeanut , and any dried or fresh chilli. Solids are typically deposited at the bottom of the container it is stored in. When used, the cook can choose the amount of solid to pour, sometimes using only the oil, without any solids.


  • We can make and preserve this chilli oil to use it at our convenience, and it will give our dishes a different touch.
  • We prepare chilli oil in the blink of an eye. We will only have to peel the garlic, and then crush them in a mortar together with one of the chillies. Then we pour the oil into a sterilized glass jar and put what we have in the mortar together with the rest of the chillies. We could also add some aromatic herbs so that the result has more flavor … this goes with tastes.
  • Once this is done, we will only have to close the jar and that’s it. In order to enjoy this oil, we must wait at least a couple of weeks. Later, we can already use the chilli oil in our meals.


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