Chiffon (cloth)

Chiffon : It is a light, transparent, single-weave fabric that can be made of cotton, silk or synthetic fibers. It is defined by the type of fabric, twist and weight of the threads used. This fabric is regularly used for evening wear, blouses, ribbons, scarves, and lingerie.

This silk fabric is especially exclusive, it is a very high quality fabric to make elegant prom dresses and it has a very soft drop. Anyone looking for an affordable fabric to make can take a look at our large selection of polyester chiffon fabric colors.

The chiffon and chiffon are seen in elegant, glamorous and perfect models for any type of event, both in spring – summer and autumn – winter .


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Fabric type

The chiffon fabric is made with a simple balanced fabric. This means that the warp and weft threads on the loom are of the same weight and are woven in a basic cross pattern of one over the other, giving the fabric a checkerboard appearance.


The yarns used to weave the chiffon fabric are alternately S-twist and Z-twist crepe threads. These threads are rotated with a large number of torsions per inch. S-twist threads are twisted in one direction, while Z-twist threads are twisted in the opposite direction. The alternate use of these threads means that the fabric wrinkles slightly in different directions.


The chiffon fabric has a fine mesh-like fabric which gives it its transparent appearance. Transparency means that special techniques must be used when sewing with this fabric, as the stitches will be noticed on the correct side of a garment. Stitches should be very small and narrow and seams and darts kept to a minimum to improve the finished look.


Chiffon fabric frays easily, so French seams are used to prevent this on a finished garment. To prevent excessive fraying when pre-washing the chiffon, a stitch line can be stitched along any uneven edge.

Cut and sew

Chiffon fabric is difficult to cut and sew because it is light and slippery. When patterns are cut they should be placed on a non-slip surface, and can be pressed between layers of toilet paper when cut to prevent slipping.


Chiffon ceremony dresses can be short, long or midi and come in many shapes and styles. Although it is preferably a fabric that is used more in the warm months.

Long chiffon dresses should be reserved for evening weddings or parties where the label requires. For the day the chiffon dresses also have pleats and drapes but more discreet. Add a colored or metallic belt to give a more chic touch to the outfit.


It is made with cotton or silk crepe threads, and is somewhat more elastic and rough to the touch.

It may be made of cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers, but is normally related to silk or nylon . Under a magnifying glass, its frame is seen in the form of a tiny network or mesh, which provides transparency. Working with this fabric can be difficult, you need to have experience and skill to handle it since its texture is quite slippery and delicate, likewise, you must use lined or French sewing since it easily frays; It should be washed with mild detergents and in a delicate cycle.


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