Lollipops. Hard and colorful candies that are 2 to 3 cm in diameter, with a spherical or oval shape and at the same time have a stick inserted in the center of the sphere that serves to hold it, which can be filled with chewing gum or chocolate . It was founded by the Spanish Enric Bernat in 1958 in Villamayor ( Asturias ). The company belongs to the Italian group Perfetti Van Melle since 2006 .


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  • 3 Other names with which it is known in different countries
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In 1956 Enric Bernat inaugurated his first bonbon business, Productos Bernat. As the biggest consumers of candy are children, and he saw that they used to remove the candy from their mouths by hand and given the risk of choking on the candy, he had the brilliant idea, in the years 1956 and 1957 of creating a candy that could be grabbed with a stick. It was introduced to the Spanish market in 1958, at the price of a peseta, in the form of a ball and stick, registered with the trademark “Chups”. Customers began to call the product “Chupa Chups” after being presented with an advertising slogan with that name, thus being baptized with that pseudonym. Currently, the company is called: Chupa Chups, SA, a name that has been around since 1964 , given the success of this product, but in the beginning it was called Granja Asturias, SA. Chupachups began to spread worldwide. Already in the 1970s it was marketed in some countries including the United States , the Soviet Union , Japan , Germany , Mexico and Australia. Currently they are practically marketed worldwide.


  • The Chupa Chups was the first candy stick consumed by astronautsin space and was in 1995 .
  • The actor Telly Savalas, playing Lieutenant Kojak Police New York in the series of television in 1973 , showed consuming these lollipops.
  • The annual production is about 17,000 tons and the daily production is about 12 million units. Sales in Chupa Chups, SA in 2002exceeded five hundred million Euros , and two thousand people work in its factories.

Other names by which it is known in different countries

  • Cuba: Chambelona.
  • Argentina, Paraguay , Peru , Uruguay : Lollipop, lollipop, sweet, lollipop.
  • Bolivia: Pacifier
  • Colombia: Bombón, Colombina
  • Chile: Pacifier, Kojak or Lolly pop.
  • Spain: Chupachús
  • Asturias: Porra
  • Ecuador: Pacifier.
  • Guatemala: Bonbon
  • Mexico: Paleta or Tutsi
  • Dominican Republic: bolón or paleta.
  • Venezuela: pacifier.


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