The chestnut is the fruit of the chestnut tree, a tree of the Fagaceae family , native to temperate climates of the northern hemisphere. This dried fruit is made up of a large amount of fat and protein. Its tree is a noble species par excellence that provides fruit, wood and shade. It is a food rich in carbohydrates and starch which allows it to be stored in times of abundance so that it can be consumed in the winter months.


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It is found in the world represented by various species; the most notable are, among others: Castanea dentata, Castanea pumila and Castanea chrysophilla in North America , Castanea mollissima and Castanea crenata in Asia , and Castanea sativa in Europe .


Its natural area extends through the southern part of Europe, from the south of England and the Iberian Peninsula to the vicinity of the Caspian Sea , the Atlantic islands of Canaries and Wood, and northern Morocco and Algeria . It has been artificially introduced to northern Germany and southern Sweden , although in these latitudes its fruition is scarce and even very problematic.

In Spain , it is found from Galicia to Navarra , with ramifications in the Northwest of León and Zamora . In Catalonia it appears in Gerona and Barcelona . In the Central mountain range there are good masses in the provinces of Salamanca , Cáceres and Ávila . Andalusia has it in Sierra Morena , the provinces of Córdoba , Seville and Huelva , as well as in the Serranía de Ronda and Sierra Nevada .


Chestnuts are a great food for being antioxidants, good for the heart , cholesterol and blood pressure ; due to their content, they are highly suitable for asthenic people , as well as for children, the elderly and convalescents.

They regenerate the minerals of the organism, act as nervous and muscular tonics and are indicated in people who suffer from varicose veins. It is highly recommended, for all the aforementioned, the consumption of this dried fruit, especially in the form of puree for the elderly and children.


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