Chestnut broth

The chestnut broth (sometimes referred to as chestnut soup or broth maias ) is a soup . It is a typical soup for winter days.


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It is a very common culinary preparation in the mountainous areas of the interior of Galicia in Spain and it was also introduced into other European cuisines such as French and Italian.


  • chestnuts
  • Water
  • oil
  • vinegar (to taste)
  • garlic (to taste)
  • onion (to taste)
  • bacon, rabbit, poultry, etc
  • Salt to taste)
  • potatoes (optional)


They are mondan the chestnuts and put to boil in water with salt , den letting a boil. Drain and peel. In plenty of clean water , put the whole onion , the clove of garlic , the piece of bacon and the peeled chestnuts. Cook for a few hours until everything is well cooked and add a sauce made with the oil and the chopped onion , to which a few drops of vinegar are added . You can add pork to accompany the chestnuts , and you can also eat it with breador eggs .


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