Chemical castration

Chemical castration : A process that basically consists of injecting the patient with a Drug intended to reduce Libido and sexual activity , generally to prevent rapists, pedophiles and other sexual offenders from repeating.


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Mechanism of application

Unlike surgical castration (when the testicles or ovaries are removed), chemical castration does not cause a permanent physical change in the body since it is not a form of sterilization but rather medications are administered, for example Depo Provera which blocks the production of Testosterone in the testicles and disables male sexual desire for a period of approximately six months. The drug acts in the brain of the individual, in the pituitary gland , inhibiting the production of Hormonemale. The fact that the chemical castration is temporary, lasts three months after which the injection must be applied again. Chemical castration also has side effects such as significantly increasing the risk of osteoporosis and heart problems, and some men develop small breasts. There are generally three methods of chemical castration.

Castration Methods

  • Depo-Provera

The drug Depo Provera is the most common type of chemical castration. In women, it is used as a contraceptive. In men, it causes a reduction in the level of Testosterone, which generally decreases the sex drive. Male inmates are injected once a week or a month. This form of Chemical Castration is said to be effective on only one type of practicing Paraphilia sex offender . These types of people commit sexual abuse because the act excites them sexually. Other types of sexual abusers, whose motivation is violence or other non-sexual factors, are not likely to respond to this type of treatment.

  • Depo-Lupron

Injecting Depo-Lupron into a man’s body is another form of Chemical Castration. Depro-Lupron is a synthetic form of the Leuprolide Hormone . It causes an overproduction of certain hormones that stop the production of Testosterone. Eliminating the production of Testosterone in a man’s body drastically reduces or eliminates his sex drive.

  • Antiandrogens

Anti-androgens are another method of chemical castration. They work by blocking certain receptors in the body to which Testosterone binds. The goal is to block the effects of Testosterone in the Male body and bring the levels back to those of a pre-pubescent boy. The sexual abuser experiences a reduction in libido, theoretically eliminating the desire to abuse again. Additionally, SSRI Antidepressants , such as Paroxetine , Prozac, and Sertraline , can be used as they are well known to cause sexual dysfunction in users.


In several countries the so-called chemical castration has been used, a procedure that aims to stop the person from feeling sexual urges. The Castration is not a new process, there thousands of years ago, though it was far more brutal before as it was cutting the testicles and even part of the penis. This practice was used as a form of punishment or, to create Eunuchs , men who, as they did not have enough Testosterone, were not going to feel sexual desire, so they became guardians of the harems.

Chemical castration in some countries

Many countries have considered introducing this technique to prevent recurrence of sexual assault, but its application has sparked heated ethical and medical debates.

  • S

At least six states in the United States ( California , Florida , Georgia , Texas , Louisiana, and Montana ) have experimented with Chemical Castration legislation. In Iowa and Florida , offenders can be sentenced to Chemical Castration in all cases involving serious sexual offenses. As in California , treatment is mandatory after a second offense. Governor Bobby Jindal Louisiana signed Senate Bill 144 on June 25, 2008, which allows Louisiana judges to convict rapists with Chemical Castration. In September 1996 , California became the first American state to approve Chemical Castration as a mandatory requirement for some child molesters to be eligible for parole. Today, it also applies to repeat offenders, who receive regular doses of Depo-Provera (progestin).

  • France

France launched a pilot program for the Chemical Castration of incarcerated rapists and pedophiles based on the administration of two drugs: cyproterone and leuprorelin. From 1929 to 1959 , thousands of men were convicted of sexual assault (in some cases it was consensual homosexuality , since this conduct was illegal in those days).

  • England

Alan Turing

A very famous case in his time, in 20th century England, was that of Alan Turing ; Mathematician, Theoretical Computer scientist, Cryptographer and English Philosopher, considered one of the fathers of Computer Science and a precursor of Computer Science; victim of chemical castration. Turing accused of homosexuality, and convinced that he had nothing to apologize for, did not defend himself against the charges and was convicted. He was given the option of going to prison or undergoing hormonal treatment to reduce libido. He chose the latter based on estrogen injections, which lasted a year and produced important physical alterations, such as the appearance of breasts and an appreciable weight gain, and which also rendered him impotent. Two years after the trial, in 1954, he died of cyanide poisoning, apparently after eating a poisoned apple that he did not fully ingest.


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