Check out some tips to lose weight naturally

Check out some tips to lose weight naturally

Losing weight without suffering and without starving is the essence of natural weight loss. Reducing the measures just by balancing your food intake and harmonizing your body is one of the most effective diets out there, as your habits will be changed and you will hardly have the terrible accordion effect because you could not stand the regime.

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Weight Loss Tips

Sometimes our minds seem to play tricks to sabotage us. And before she trips us up and makes us go to the supermarket to buy sweets and snacks, create difficulties so that the trip is not frequent.

For example, leave the pantry without any nonsense. If your hunger strikes, promise yourself that you will only buy a candy if the trip is on foot. I bet you will change your mind before you even leave the house.

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Check out other tips to lose weight:

  • Escape noisy and distracting places. The focus should be on food only.
  • Create a schedule for each meal and follow it every day.
  • If you have just eaten and are still in the mood for more, do some activity to get the thought out of your head.
  • Fatty foods may even appear in your diet, but in moderation! Choose a day in the week when they are released.
  • Eat everything you want and it is healthy, but in small quantities.
  • Half an hour of walking will bring you a huge benefit!
  • After dinner, do not go directly to bed. Take a moment!
  • Do not drink liquids during meals, they make your stomach inflated.
  • Do not go too long without eating, every 3 hours eat something.
  • Do not use ready-made dressings in the salad, prefer lemon juice and olive oil.

Avoiding sugars (Myths and truths about sweeteners)

Those who love sweets cannot live a day without chocolate or dessert. If this is your case, keep a diary of what you eat and with the description of the food, put your feelings in the moment.

After a week reread the diary and see what feelings drove you to eat treats. Usually when we are nervous we look for a food that gives us comfort and reduces anxiety.

The sweets are not addictive, but the habit of eating one whenever we are feeling insecure leaves us hooked on it: those who cannot control their feelings find chocolate as an outlet for their frustrations.

To reduce consumption, take a walk that also gives that delicious feeling of well-being or look for something that pleases you, it could be gardening or watching a movie. But always avoid the sweetie out of time! (6 physical exercises that burn more calories)

Eat little

Studies and more studies have already revealed that people who eat little live longer than those who stuff themselves with food. To have the living proof of this theory look at the French: have you ever seen a fat man? Probably not, and know that Europeans are in the habit of eating everything, but moderately.

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Their motto is to always eat slowly, savoring the food and chewing it several times (and at your own pace). Eating fast, thinking about home or work problems, can even increase intestinal gas, because you are eating so fast that even air is entering your mouth!

A great diet to lose weight

Have you heard of the Mediterranean diet, considered one of the best for weight loss? Now the Hospital do Coração of São Paulo has made a Brazilian version of it that is very peculiar; the colors of the flag are used to remind you what proportion of each food should be on your plate. For example, the products of the green group should be in greater numbers, while the yellow ones, in smaller numbers.

Meet the groups:

  • Green: legumes, vegetables, skim and fruits
  • Yellow: potato, pasta, rice and bread
  • Blue: lean meats, poultry and fish.

This diet is great for you to lose weight naturally and can be followed indefinitely!


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