Check out the main uses and benefits of mint

Mint has an unmistakable smell and brings a great feeling of freshness, even without ingesting it. Known scientifically as “Mentha piperita” and in a very popular way as “mint mint”, the mint leaves have a unique aspect, a little velvety and very fragile. Anyone who sees from afar does not imagine that such a fragile plant can bring numerous benefits, as well as possibilities of use.

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In addition to being featured in many culinary recipes, mint has a relevant importance for health, especially when combined and used in juices and teas. Among its main properties, we can highlight the benefits antispasmodic , carminative , estomáquicos , stimulants , tonics and calming .

Mint juice with pineapple, for example, can either be ingested as an accompaniment to snacks and meals or applied directly to the skin for a calming and antiseptic effect. But that is only one of the benefits. We have separated for you more than ten benefits and suggestions for use for mint. Find out now and go running to the garden to pick up some of these leaves for you. Good reading!

Mint: how can I use it and what are its real benefits?

1. Improves headaches and nausea

Mint, both in its natural form (leaves) and through candy, lozenges and chewing gum, has broad benefits in nausea and headaches.

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For pregnant women and throughout the trip, then, the benefits are guaranteed: the plant has a calming effect when in direct contact with the stomach. In cases of migraine and headaches, a good tip is – in addition to chewing candies and lozenges – rub the mint leaf over your forehead.

2. Assists in the digestion process

Grandmothers know this: whenever someone feels stomach pains or eating a little too much, the mint tea appears as a holy remedy. Due to its antioxidant properties and phytonutrients, tea – when taken after meals – provides relaxation to the stomach muscles and, consequently, improves the digestive process.

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In addition to stomach issues, mint tea is also indicated for conditions of acidity, intestinal problems and flatulence.

3. Promotes oral health

People do not always take the necessary care with their oral health, causing serious conditions – which could have been quite simple before – to settle and generate almost unbearable pain and discomfort. Mint can be used due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, improving bad breath, infections, inflammations and cavities.

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Although the mint leaf in natura, used pure or in dishes such as salads, is the most interesting form of use, medicinal products based on the leaf also have an effect on oral health. In fact, there are many toothpastes that use mint as the basis of their formulas.

4. Minimizes pain in pregnant nipples

All mothers who have breastfed their children regularly have suffered from nipple pain due to ruptures and the frequency of sucking movements. As in this period many products are contraindicated, mint – which is natural – can be used freely as an analgesic. In addition to helping to reduce discomfort, there is a noticeable reduction in pain and healing of the affected region.

5. Combat improves the appearance of skin with acne

Few know, but as the mint has antiseptic, anti inflammatory and antipruritic properties, it becomes very effective in the treatment of acne, being possible to reduce or even end the use of cosmetic creams and lotions – of course with the due attention and release of medical officer, such as the dermatologist.

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In addition to deep cleansing the skin, mint also maintains tissue health. Here, the plant can be used in its tea version. However, avoid rubbing the plant directly on the acne-affected region.

6. Prevents Alzheimer’s

Mint is also associated with the cognitive system. Its consumption increases the ability to concentrate and mental and psychological agility, essential issues to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s.

It is worth remembering that Alzheimer’s disease is a disease characterized by reduced ability to memorize and mentally organize ideas. Here, it is recommended that the leaves are consumed fresh and on a regular basis, preferably chewed and not in the form of natural juice or teas.

7. Controls good and bad cholesterol levels

In order for the bile flow to be induced to function better, ensuring the breakdown of fat molecules, control of good and bad cholesterol and consequently weight reduction, it is recommended to chew the mint leaves, in natura. If you prefer, you can also add them to salads and healthy foods.

8. Reduces colic in babies and adults

Mint tea has a positive effect on colic conditions, both intestinal and menstrual. A cup of mint tea relaxes the abdominal muscles – both adults and babies – and reduces strain on the digestive system and uterus.

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Mint tea also reduces nausea, which is very common on these occasions.

9. Assists in the health and appearance of hair

Strange to imagine that mint is good for hair, but it’s true. If you analyze, many hair tonics and treatment creams have mint in their formula as a component. When natural tea is applied directly to the threads, it promotes deep hydration and shine.

A good way to enhance the capillary effects of mint is to use it in conjunction with oils such as coconut oil , in addition to vitamin E. For a better application of the tea the ideal is to use a spray bottle.

10. Strengthens the immune system

Because it contains a large load of B, C, D and E + phosphorus and calcium complexes, mint is a great ally in strengthening the immune system. This way, the organism is much more protected against possible infections, inflammations and viral diseases. The use of natural mint tea is especially suitable for this purpose.

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Mint has dozens of benefits, it is up to you to adopt it as an ally of your health. Have you thought about it today? How about picking up some mint leaves and making a cup of tea right now? If you have more tips on how to use it for your health, leave your idea in the comments.


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