Chateaubriand . French cuisine specialty consisting of a kind of double beef steak garnished with vegetables .


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François René, Viscount de Chateaubriand ( 1768 – 1848 ) provided, with his eventful life, material for a novel to more than one writer. He entered as an officer in the French Army, lived for more than a year among the American Indians, and entered the Diplomatic Service, which he soon left due to disagreements with Napoleon Bonaparte . After he fell, he became ambassador, representing his country in Berlin and London , and organized the expedition to Spain of the One Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis.

Three things made Chateaubriand famous: his political avatars, his faithful love for Madame Récamier and the chateaubriand invented by his chef, Montmiriel.


  • 400 g beef sirloin
  • Grease
  • Salt
  • Pepper


Carefully strip the meat from the skin and fat, wash and dry it. Roast and toast in the skillet, in hot fat, for 8 to 10 minutes each side (it can also be done on the grill with high heat); then salt and add pepper. The meat has to be quite pink inside and very juicy.

Let stand about 10 minutes in the heat and cut it. It is served on a pre-heated platter, garnished with fried potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms , peas, carrots , asparagus and, of your choice, Bearnaise sauce.


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