Causes and treatment of toothache

If you have a toothache, it should be taken seriously. Toothache does not cure itself. Treatment is necessary to prevent toothache.

Toothache can occur due to many reasons, the main reason is pyorrhea. If the germs of the pyorrhea have accumulated in the teeth gums, those germs cause decay there, the gums become weak, the gums start bleeding and the pain starts. The remedy of pyorrhea is that proper cleaning of teeth should be done and treatment should be done according to the advice of the dentist.

The second cause of toothache is cavity in the teeth. If there is cavity in the tooth, then the upper layer of the tooth gets melted. There are blood vessels inside the tooth, due to cavity it comes in contact with the external environment and comes in contact with the germ. The germs begin to freeze slowly there and the infection starts inside the teeth and when the number of germs increases significantly, the pressure inside the tooth increases and there is severe pain.

If the cavity in the teeth has increased, then the only remedy for this is root canal treatment. In the root canal treatment, the top layer of the tooth is first removed and the vein between the teeth is removed and filled with gatta pancha (natural rubber) and a cap is placed over it. There is no pain in the veins inside the teeth and pain ends and the infection inside teeth also ends.

The cavity has to be stopped before it occurs. The tooth must be cleaned at least twice a day and regular check-ups should be done.

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