Causes and treatment of eye drops (red eye – conjunctivitis)

If someone’s eyes, especially the child’s are becoming very red, then it is most likely that he has conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is the name of a disease of infection in the eye. These infections can be caused by bacteria and can also be caused by viruses. Conjunctivitis is a highly contagious disease, which means that if one child or older person has conjunctivitis, others may develop the disease by approaching it. If the child is going to school and any other child in the class has conjunctivitis, then other children are also more likely to have it. Conjunctivitis spreads more during the rainy season.

The biggest symptom of conjunctivitis is that the white part of the eye becomes very red and the sticky substance comes out of the eye. After sleeping, the eyelids stick, there is a prick in the eyes and there can be swelling in the eyelids.

the treatment:

Conjunctivitis usually resolves on its own in 4 to 6 days but it is advised that anyone who has had conjunctivitis should see it, the doctor will give antibiotics if needed and eye drops. The eye drops reduce the number of bacteria and treat conjunctivitis early.

In case of conjunctivitis, these things should be kept in mind, the eyes should be cleaned regularly and should not be rubbed with hands. Always clean cloth and clean water should be used for cleaning the eyes.

In order to not spread conjunctivitis to other people, you should wear glasses, especially black glasses, and when conjunctivitis occurs, there should not be too much emphasis on the eyes, so computer, TV should make a short distance from all these things.

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