Causes and symptoms of deafness

Deafness is a common disease. In this, the patient’s hearing capacity gradually starts to decrease or is not heard at all. Being deafness also increases social and mental troubles of a person. Deafness or hearing loss can also be caused by heredity. Deafness can affect one or both ears.

Due to deafness –

  • Aging
  • Long live
  • Wrong prescription
  • Genetic
  • Mobile usage
  • ear infection
  • Due to some diseases
  • Ear-drop

Signs of deafness or hearing loss – The symptoms of hearing loss or deafness are detected very slowly. Due to which the disease is not treated at the right time. Therefore, do not ignore its symptoms and get it treated on time.

  • Whistling
  • Low or high listening
  • Having trouble talking on the phone
  • Noisy conversation
  • Ask someone to repeat something
  • Listen loudly to tv or radio
  • Speak loudly
  • Not hearing the sound of a phone or mobile doorbell, callbell or fan.


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