10 Best Causes of Inflation You Must Know

Causes of Inflation is very important topic for every economic studies student. If you know what are the causes behind inflation, then you will be able to control inflation with more effective Planing.Inflation means a process of rising prices.

It is not a temporary rise in the general price level, rather it is permanent and persistent rise in the prices of goods and services. It may also be defined in the following words it is a situation where:TOO much money chasing too few goods.” It happens when there is a big increase in the supply of money without any increase in the supply of goods and services.Keynes has a different idea about Inflation. According to him.

Causes of Inflation: Complete Guide For Every Economist

  Inflation occurs due to the following reasons.

1 Monetary Expansion:-

An increase in the total supply of money raises the demand for goods and services and prices starts moving upwards.

2 Increase in Wages:-

The purchasing power of labor increases due to rise in wages. Due to higher income,

Aggregate demand in the economy increases. It leads to an increase in the prices of goods. The other effect of increase in wages is increase in the cost of production which causes prices of the commodities produced to increase.

3 Increase in Population:-

If the rate of increase in population is greater than the rate of increase in GNP.The demand for goods and services increase more than the supply of these goods and services, due to excess demand in the economy price level will start rising.

4 Hoarding:-

Sometimes demand exceeds the supply of goods and services because business men hoard the necessities of life for earning abnormal profit. This is major cause of inflation in developing countries.

5 Devaluation::

Devaluation means an official decrease in the external value of currency. Since devaluation makes exports cheaper therefore the demand for exports increases. It increases the prices of exportable and all other related goods.

6 Consumption Habits:-       There is a big change in the consumption habits during the last ten years. People want to achieve higher and higher standard of living. This attitude increases the demand for goods and services.

7 Deficit Financing:-

If there is a big deficit in the budget and Government is covering it by printing of new notes, it will create inflationary pressure in the economy.

8 Increase In Taxes:-

When rate of existing taxes are increased or new taxes are imposed, the prices of commodities and services increase in the economy.

9 Increase in the Prices of Raw Material

Prices may start rising due to increase in the prices of raw material. It is because the increase in price of the raw material increases the cost of production and this causes cost push inflation.

10 Inflation in Other Countries:

If there is inflation in other countries then there are chances that it will affect all the countries that have trade link with this country. This type of inflation is called imported inflation.

These are only few causes of inflation. In fact there are so many other reasons for inflation in a country. These reasons include wars, bad weather and Political instability etc.

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