Casserole : Container used in the kitchen , shallow, and generally constructed of different heat resistant materials , and with or without handles, which may or may not contain a lid .


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  • 1 Origin
  • 2 types of casserole according to the material that forms it
  • 3 Difference between a casserole and a pot
  • 4 Uses of the casserole
  • 5 Advantages of clay pots
  • 6 Sources:


Due to its presence in the depths and findings of universal archeology , the casserole can be considered as one of the oldest vessels of the crockery , and probable precursor of the plate and bowl in the pottery trousseau . As old as civilization itself, they remain one of the noblest utensils for cooking. Few know that these casseroles serve in any kitchen , and can be carried from the flame to the oven without problem. In Japan they were found jars of clay of an antiquity calculated in 12,000 years.


Casserole types according to the material that forms it

  • Clay pot(with handles and without handles)
  • Porcelaincasserole .
  • Metal casserole ( aluminum, iron and stainless steel ).

Difference between a casserole and a pot

The difference is given by the depth that the pots have with respect to the casseroles; that is, the pots are flatter, shallower than the pots.

Uses of the casserole

As container preserves the heat , the pot has a dual service (and cooking utensils for table ). In the kitchen, preferential use is made to contain those dishes that are placed in the oven , often serving as a container that will be served to the diner on the table. When buying a clay pot, it is recommended that it be immersed in cold water for a whole night before being used, and the next day, after drying it well, rub the bottom with a clove of garlic and vegetable oil .

Advantages of clay pots

The advantages of using pots of mud in the kitchen are numerous, as it is a thermal containers that allow the cooking of foods with little fat and, in addition, most of these casseroles are usually a good decorative element that allows you to take to the table to serve the prepared preparations.


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