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Canonical Ltd . Private company founded and financed by South African businessman Mark Shuttleworth , for the promotion of projects related to free software . Canonical is based in the Isle of Man tax haven , but its employees are spread across the world.


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Driven by the original vision of its founder, Mark Shuttleworth to create software platforms that compete with the best, but free to use, share and develop, they are growing every year.

Operating systems maintained by Canonical

Canonical Ltd. has its main Ubuntu operating system , which uses the GNOME desktop environment , but from there, it began to create operating systems with different desktop environments and for different needs.

  • Ubuntu Netbook Edition: Oriented for Netbooks , due to its easy menu-type management of applications on the desktop.
  • Ubuntu Server Edition: Intended for use on servers .
  • Kubuntu: Uses the KDE desktop environment .
  • Xubuntu: Use the Xfce desktop environment .


Canonical leads the Ubuntu project and brings together the passion and genius of the open source community. Its release date is every six months, each new Ubuntu edition is better than the previous one, taking advantage of new technologies to make its use faster, easier and more intuitive than ever.

Ubuntu employees in Orlando, Florida.

Ubuntu for hardware

Canonical works with hardware manufacturers like HP , Dell and Intel so Ubuntu can be delivered on the world’s most popular devices. Working closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) ensures that Ubuntu offers an exceptional user experience that takes full advantage of hardware features.

Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is a storage service of up to 2 GB launched in May 2009 , and it also allows online data synchronization with other devices. Ubuntu One also allows for a 50GB increase in cloud storage for just $ 10 a month. Ubuntu One is a Canonical product that transforms computing by mobilizing your digital life. Ubuntu One offers users an easy way to store and sync their files, music, contacts, and favorites across multiple machines. With Ubuntu One the desktop accompanies you to where you go.

Ubuntu One Music Store

Ubuntu One Music Store is an online store launched in April 2010 , and its main function is to buy music through the Banshee music player in the Ubuntu operating system.

Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu Software Center is an application developed and maintained by Canonical released in October 2009 , and is the primary application for installing applications on the Ubuntu operating system , which uses the package management system to install free Debian- based applications. .

Ubuntu Shop

Ubuntu Shop (or Canonical Store) is an online store to buy items and accessories sold by Canonical and related to Ubuntu ( disks , mouses , pendrives , shirts, stickers, notebooks, etc.).


Unity was released to the public in October 2010 . It is a user interface, or shell created for the GNOME desktop environment , and was created by Canonical for the Ubuntu operating system . It was designed with the purpose of taking advantage of the space on small screens of Netbooks , especially vertical space.



It offers excellent open source software and opportunities to business users by providing custom engineering, support contracts, and training. Canonical helps organizations around the world maximize their potential to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and improve security with Ubuntu.

Open source software is based on collaboration. That is why Canonical supports the development of tools that help collaborative work, such as Launchpad, Bazaar and Upstart.


Bazaar is a version control system that helps you follow the history of the project over time and easily collaborate with others. Whether you are an individual developer, a team, or a developer community spread across the globe, Bazaar’s scales are tailored to your needs. Part of the GNU project , the Bazaar is free software sponsored by Canonical. Safe, friendly, free and fast, Bazaar is compatible with Windows , GNU / Linux and UNIX , and Mac OS X .


Created for Ubuntu and now also used in Zope, CMS Silva, among others, Launchpad makes open source collaboration easier than ever. Taking a new approach to managing free software and hosting projects, Launchpad allows you to have conversations between communities and share any information through a common interface. It is easy to use and takes a few minutes to set up.


Landscape is a tool to manage a large number of Ubuntu based systems through a web browser.


We sponsor a series of conferences, events and groups, including:

  • The Linux Foundation
  • GNOME Foundation
  • KDE Community
  • Linux Open Source Solutions (SLO)
  • PyCon
  • Akademy
  • LinuxCon

Business plan

In a May 2008 interview with The Guardian , Mark Shuttleworth said Canonical’s business model is service delivery, explaining that Canonical was not yet close to profitability. He also stated that he will wait for the business to become profitable in another 3-5 years. He believed that Canonical could achieve great success thanks to the demand for service related to Free Software . This strategy has been compared to Red_Hat_Linux’s business strategies in 1990 . In 2007 Canonical launched an international online store selling Ubuntu support services and products.. At the same time, the word Ubuntu was registered as a trademark in relation to clothing and accessories.

OEM services

Add value to your product lines, increase market share gains and increase with Canonical Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) services. In addition to the award-winning Ubuntu operating system , we offer a global support program to help with your company’s hardware enablement , merchandising, and technical support elements.


Advertising, compatibility of your products with Ubuntu and ensure your hardware benefits with the features of Ubuntu. Whether component or system manufacturing, Canonical Linux knowledge and unique certification features ensure you get a strong return on your certification investment.

Custom engineering

Our developers deliver custom development services to help companies discover and take advantage of that power. From specialized versions of Ubuntu to architecture ports and a full range of software development products, with a team of experts who will offer a solution to meet your engineering requirements.


Virtualization technology offers great potential to reduce equipment and energy costs and improve the return on your IT investment.


The benefits of Ubuntu for business are clear: lower costs, increased hardware and operational efficiency, improved availability and improved scalability.


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