Can You Search by Phone Number on Telegram

Can You Search by Phone Number on Telegram. I can tell you that yes, it is a feasible operation, and the procedure can be carried out both from smartphones and tablets, using the official app of the service, and from a computer, via client or via the Web version of Telegram.

Can You Search by Phone Number on Telegram;Methods to search for people on Telegram.

Can You Search by Phone Number on Telegram

Well, if you don’t have the contact in the Telegram address book, what you have to do is open the application. And at that moment, you will see a button with a pencil icon at the bottom, in which you can search for someone with their username or personal code.

Which you have to click to enter, and then you will see that you can choose a particular contact. The problem is that the contact is not in the agenda, so finding someone or searching for people becomes a little complicated, but not impossible.

Through your username

When the case that we mentioned in the previous paragraph happens to you, one of the most feasible alternatives is to search for someone or search for people by username. Therefore, you have to click on the magnifying glass that appears at the top right and enter the Telegram @username that has been passed to you, for example:

Once you have searched for the user in question, or their possible name, the search results will appear. And you have to keep in mind that this is a global search. So, if you are going to search for people, or search for contact, with that name, you should know that it is very likely that several of the same will appear.

Using your QR code

To be able to search for someone on Telegram through their QR code, you must write to them or contact the person who has a Telegram account. And ask it to send you an image to your Android or iPhone smartphone, using messaging applications.

Then, you open the chat from your PC or with another smartphone, whether Android or iPhone, with the person who sent you the code as an image. After this, you open your camera and place it over the QR code.

After that, you will see that the chat with that person opens, and this way, you will be able to find someone much easier. Since, the difference between this is that here you go directly to your profile, without having to search for the username, which is often repeated.

So, the next time you go to find someone or search for people in order to add them as contacts on Telegram . Do it, using this method.

With your direct link

To search for someone or search for people on Telegram, through a direct link, is very simple. Since, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. You must have the Telegram application downloaded among your applications on your Android or iPhone smartphone,
  2. Then, you must start the section, which can also be from your PC.
  3. Then, go to your profile settings and click on settings.
  4. Once there, you go to where it says to create a username or change the one that already exists.
  5. After this, you will notice that, at the bottom, there is a link. Which, you can share with your friends.

In the same way it works for when you want to find contacts or search for people, in order to add them as contacts on Telegram. Since, like the QR code , this allows you to search for people, without having to search for the username, only through this wonderful technology.

Alternative Methods; How You Can Search by Phone Number on Telegram

  1. Search by Username: One of the primary search options on Telegram is to find users by their usernames. A unique username is assigned to each user, making it easier to search and connect without divulging personal information. If you know someone’s Telegram username, simply input it in the search bar and start a conversation.
  2. Mutual Contacts: Telegram has a “Mutual Contacts” feature that allows you to find and add friends who are already in your phone’s contact list. This way, you can connect with individuals you know without revealing their phone numbers to the platform.
  3. Group Chats: Engaging in group chats on Telegram is an excellent way to connect with like-minded individuals who share common interests. You can search for groups using specific keywords or join existing communities to expand your network.
  4. Invite Links: Telegram enables users to generate invite links for their groups, channels, or even individual conversations. By sharing these links with others, you can invite them to join your community or initiate a conversation.
  5. Channel Recommendations: Telegram has a feature that suggests relevant channels based on your interests. These recommendations can introduce you to new channels and help you connect with individuals who share your passions.


While searching by phone number is not possible on Telegram, the platform provides alternative methods to find and connect with users. By prioritizing user privacy and security, Telegram ensures that personal information remains guarded. Whether it’s searching by username, leveraging mutual contacts, engaging in group chats, using invite links, or exploring channel recommendations, Telegram offers various ways to connect with individuals without compromising privacy.

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