How Can I Be Good At Networking;10 Tips You Should Follow

Now is the time for networking, which means increasing communication. The more professionals you have, the more likely you are. Why, how to do networking?

Starting from an international conference, university competition, academics, meetings, seminars, workshops, even weddings can be an opportunity for you. Thinking about the conference, why suddenly the context of the marriage ceremony came up with competition? Because meeting a lot of people means having the opportunity to meet someone new. Sheryl Sandberg was introduced to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at a Christmas party. They realized that by talking together, there was a lot of similarity in the world of thinking. See today Sheryl is the chief operating officer of Facebook. Thus, getting acquainted with people of different skills, different professions, different organizations, and maintaining this communication is networking.

Why do networking?

First, you get an idea of ​​what’s going on in the real world through networking. You will have the opportunity to know about different industries. They will come up in discussions about what kind of work is available in a sector, where income is available, in some cases what work pressure, what qualifications it takes. As a result, you will be able to identify which area best suits you. Accordingly, you can prepare yourself, arrange the plans Secondly, when networking is great with networking, you will gain confidence.

Because of networking you may have the advantage of getting an internship or, in some cases, your desired job. If you maintain regular contact with the professionals associated with the job you are looking for, it may be that they are able to make recommendations for you on the interview board. If you already know that you are looking for a job, they can let you know when the opportunity arises. You will be a little ahead as you are known by strangers.

University events are a great opportunity for networking. Photo by Dhaka University Career Fair. Photo: Not just that. It will also be easy for you to change jobs due to networking or from one job to another. You can find out what kind of work is being done or what benefits the organization offers by maintaining regular contact with someone you know from another organization. If you can explain what kind of work you are doing, how you will benefit from another organization, many times you are likely to get a job without an interview.

Suppose you are connected to a job or business. An organization usually has a business affiliation with more organizations. Having relationships with staff from other organizations will make it easier for you to do many things.

It’s important to remember

This is not the case with everyone you have to create or maintain relationships with. You got to know, ask about his activities. If you like this area of ​​work, just keep in touch. But yes, it is better to never ask for a direct job than to find out about working conditions. Rather, what kind of work you like to do, what skills you have, whether you have any professional work experience before, can be communicated with specific people, inform them of your interest in their work. .

There are many who like to be a little quiet. Do not want to talk to anyone easily, can not mix. But remember, the damage is done by yourself. Networking should take into account your professional needs. I have to speak boldly. Maybe for a short time you have the opportunity to talk to a big businessman or a big executive of an organization. If you can use this time to prove your skills, present yourself beautifully, then you will surely remember him.

Networking Ways

First, we should strive to maintain good relations with our friends, teachers, neighbors, and relatives. Get a better idea of ​​the profession in which they are involved. Keep in touch with them regularly accordingly.

প্রোফাইল Create a profile on Professional Media LinkedIn ( Using this medium, you can try to connect with people in different professions. Contact the human resources department staff at various organizations on LinkedIn to inquire about the organization’s work. This practice is very prevalent abroad.

  • You can also try to build this connection through social media, such as Facebook or Twitter. However, keep in mind that communication media must be as smart and professional as possible in your own profile. Just by looking at your profile, you may not have a negative idea about yourself.
  • Senior siblings or alumni at their university are a major area of ​​networking. At present, there are several Facebook groups based on university-based, area-based or self-departmental social media, comprising former students and current students. By actively participating in such groups, efforts can be made to connect with the seniors.

Many students have the opportunity to visit various institutions or work as an apprentice in the student body. Professionals should be familiar with such opportunities.

  • Many times, different seminars and programs are also organized on campus. Most of the important people from those organizations are present at such events. Attending such events can also try to increase contact. Don’t rush to the end of the show. Drinking tea can also introduce you to someone, an important discussion can be made.
  • There are several events at different organizations like Marketing Alumni Association, Marketers Forum, Brand Forum … where different professionals are involved. You can volunteer at these events. This creates an opportunity to get acquainted with the guests.

Regardless of the occasion you visit, be it a wedding ceremony or a birthday party, you need to be familiar with people of different occupations regularly. The job may not be created, but your knowledge will increase. If you meet someone, do not miss out on meeting him later. Speak up Hold on to the relationship.

পারে Something that might be of interest to you. Photography, book reading, fencing or robotics. There are many types of Facebook groups based on topics of interest. Occasionally, these groups plan various exhibitions, meetings, or trips together. Utilize these opportunities. Express your interest by contacting the organizers.

। Build a personality of your own. If you practice beautifully speaking, you know the habit of interacting in different environments.


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