How To Write A Lawn Care Bid

If you own a lawn care business or have just started, you will probably be asked to provide a bid for service. Think of your bid as a job application. You don’t want to lose a job because your bid seems unusual. It reflects the type of business you manage: clean, clean, professional and effective.

Items you will need

  • Pre-made bid form or computer generated one

  • Computer
  • Stamper

Consider writing a bid

Make your bid look as professional as possible. You should be able to find blank forms in an office supply store, but using sound processing software can easily do your own. First impressions are everything, even in the lawn business.

The form lists your name, address and contact number. The last thing you want is for a person to choose your company and they cannot contact you. You can create a generic form using your word processing software that will list all your contact information.

Tell the state what service you will provide and how often. The recruiter wants to know what they can expect and when they can expect it to happen.

List your prices to reflect the services you provide. Let the customer know what will be paid for your service and what the payment terms will be. Be sure not to include any value for the time as the grass may not need to be cut. Many lawn services charge a flat monthly fee, no matter how much or little the grass is growing. Be sure to clarify whether your rates will vary by season or stay level.

Let you know of any additional services you make, such as weeding or pruning, and what the customer will cost. You may list your bid as a separate section for informational purposes only. Then if the customer decides that they want you to do something extra, they will have an idea of ​​what to do. You may wish to note a note on this bid that prices for these additional services are subject to change.

If a potential client thinks this, add a section to your bid that has a reference. If you work for someone else and they are satisfied, find out if they are willing to take a call from potential customers for reference. Always ask a customer’s permission before him or her as a reference.

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