Can dogs eat potatoes?

Can dogs eat potatoes?.The potato is a tuber native to the American continent and is one of the most consumed foods in the world. It is present in many recipes and is a common ingredient in many cuisines around the world. Perhaps for this reason, if you have a dog, you might wonder if dogs can also eat potatoes .

Can dogs eat potatoes?

Can dogs eat potatoes?


  1. Can dogs eat potatoes or not?
  2. Can dogs eat chips?
  3. Can dogs eat boiled potatoes?
  4. Can dogs eat potato omelette?
  5. Benefits of potatoes for dogs
  6. Harmful effects of potatoes for dogs

Can dogs eat potatoes or not?

There is no absolute and definitive answer to this question because there are two important factors that must be taken into account. On the one hand, the physiological and general health characteristics of the animal itself and, on the other, the way in which those potatoes are cooked.

In general, dogs can eat potatoes unless they have some pathology that, in order to preserve their health, advises against it. Potatoes can be indigestible for some animals, for example, if the dog has an allergy or intolerance to any component present in the food or if it suffers from diabetes. Potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates, which the animal needs to eat, although always in moderation, but if a dog is overweight, diabetic or has other health problems in which carbohydrates and other components of potatoes intervene, it should always be be a food with little or no presence in your diet.

In short, dogs can eat potatoes sporadically and if there is no health problem that indicates otherwise. Furthermore, you should never give raw potatoes to your dog, much less with the skin on, because raw potatoes contain a substance called solanine that can be toxic to dogs (especially it is present in their skin when it has greenish tones). Remember, if you want to give your dog a culinary treat in the form of a potato, always do it by cooking it beforehand .

Can dogs eat chips?

It is not the best way to give potatoes to a dog , especially in the case of bagged chips because most of them have a high salt and fat content that is not always healthy. In the case of puppies, they are especially not recommended because, in addition, they could have difficulties chewing them, even getting small wounds in their mouth.

For their part, the fried potatoes that you can make in a frying pan , with a good quality oil and without adding salt, can be eaten without abuse and always trying to give them after having them for a few minutes on absorbent paper, first so that they cool down and second to give the animal as little fat as possible. If your dog is a few pounds overweight, or he is an older dog who doesn’t get much exercise anymore, better refrain from giving him chips.

Can dogs eat boiled potatoes?

Yes, you can give your dog boiled potatoes , although never as a main ingredient. Boiled or baked , the animal will be able to ingest the carbohydrates of the potato and the rest of the beneficial ingredients without taking in extra fat. As with people, cooked potatoes and carrots for dogs are a good remedy to mitigate digestive problems in which a soft diet is recommended , especially in case of possible diarrhea. Also, some cooked potatoes with some pieces of boiled chicken can be an excellent menu if your dog is bored with the usual dry food or has problems such as vomiting or diarrhea that has made him feel bad or has lost his appetite.

Can dogs eat potato omelette?

Eggs are a complete food and one of the best natural sources of protein, both for humans and some animals, so there is nothing wrong with giving your dog a little piece of potato omelette from time to time . Again, you will have to avoid excess fat in the omelet and to achieve this you can make it by boiling the potatoes instead of frying them .

Benefits of potatoes for dogs

Potatoes, especially boiled, can contribute significantly to a healthy and balanced diet for dogs, as they are an excellent natural source of beneficial micronutrients, especially essential minerals .

Calcium for your bones, potassium and sodium to maintain the balance of the fluids that are part of your body, phosphorus and magnesium for optimal brain activity, iron to avoid anemia, selenium and zinc so that your coat is soft and shiny. These are just some of the benefits that potatoes contribute to in small portions in your diet. All without forgetting the presence of interesting amounts of vitamin C, carbohydrates that will provide you with the energy you need to be full of vitality and just enough fiber to avoid intestinal transit problems.

Harmful effects of potatoes for dogs

In principle, potatoes are not bad for dogs, although as a precaution if you have never given them and want to incorporate them into their diet, for example boiled as an ingredient in one of their meals once a week, do it in very small quantities up to Check that the food does not cause any adverse reaction to your furry companion.

As the main harmful effect, we must remember the importance of not giving them raw or choosing those that have green areas due to the high solanine content that the food has before being cooked and that, in the case of dogs, it can be toxic.

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