Can a believer go to the beach?

Yes, a believer can go to the beach, if his conscience allows it. Going to the beach is only a problem when your attitude is wrong. The believer must know his own limits and respect them ( Romans 14:22 ).

The beach is a beautiful place, created by God. Walks on the beach are good for health, as long as the person takes care of the sun. It is good to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. It is also not wrong to want to have innocent fun, swimming, making sandcastles and eating. Resting and relaxing is important.

The beach is what everyone makes of it. Many people take advantage of the beach to engage in promiscuity and sexual immorality. But many other people just want to relax, with no ulterior motives. If you have questions about going to the beach, answer two questions:

  • What does my conscience say? The believer’s conscience is guided by the Holy Spirit. Each person is different: one person can go to the beach with a clear conscience, while another person feels very uncomfortable. Follow your conscience but respect and try to understand the choices of others ( Romans 14:12).
  • Do I have difficulty controlling myself? Be honest with yourself. If you feel that the temptation to sin is too much for you, avoid the beach ( 1 Corinthians 6:18). Know your limits.

Can a believer wear swim trunks or a bikini?

The Bible says that the believer should dress modestly. This means that you must dress appropriately for the occasion, without causing scandal.

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There are no universal rules, but the believer should ask a few questions before choosing the most appropriate outfit for the beach:

  • Does my conscience allow? Wear clothes that leave your conscience calm, to enjoy the beach without feeling embarrassed. For one person, this may mean wearing a decent bikini, but for another, wearing shorts, or covering yourself with a towel in the sand.
  • Is it appropriate for the situation? Think about the situation and the people you go with. Use common sense to adapt your bathing suit to your company ( Romans 14:16).

Always remember to pray to God, asking for wisdom. 



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