Camándula . Grammatically it constitutes a noun of the feminine gender. It is truly a type of rosary that Catholics used to pray. The cunning and hypocritical person is also called that. Attitude or action of pretending qualities or feelings to look good to someone or get some benefit.


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It was designed in 1516 by Father Miguel de Camaldoli, a villa near Florence . With this Catholic garment people could make their commemorative prayers about the twenty mysteries, of the life of Jesus Christ (The Holy Rosary) and of the Virgin Mary . 33 Hail Marys are prayed, 5 Our Father, and a Creed. It is made up of 33 balls or grains, one for each year that Jesus lived, also known by the name of string beads, with jumps of 3 with ten balls every three. They are designed with metal and wood. It is known by “Penitential Psalms” or “The Crown of the Savior”.


It comes from the “Camaldoli”, a population belonging to the Poppi community in [[Tuscany] in [Italy`], where the object comes from.


bullshit , cunning , back room , pretense , hypocrisy , dissimulation . innocence , naivety , sincerity .

Example of uses

  • So they already knew that I should “say!” With his laugh he interrupted the prayer of the old woman who remained thoughtful caressing the beads of her camula.

Rubén Darío .

  • He began to pray with his camula, gently caressing each bead.
  • You have a lot of nerds- You have a lot of cunning.


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