Call recorder

Call Recorder . Call Recorder is a tool that will allow us to record any call we make or receive on our Android mobile phone, in a simple way.

The best thing about Call Recorder is that you don’t need to activate absolutely anything before a call. Once installed, the application will always record the conversations we have, except that we deactivate the option in the application settings. Thanks to this we will be able to have, by default, all the conversations safely.

These conversations will be stored in the SD memory of our terminal, and we can listen to them directly from the terminal. The rather serious problem is that conversations are usually recorded with very little volume. And this, sometimes, will make the caller practically unheard.

Call Recorder is a very useful tool, thanks to which we can easily save our phone conversations. In this way we will never forget anything they tell us on the phone … or we will have proof of whatever.


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