Call of Duty Black Ops 4 guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to our Call of Duty Black Ops 4 guide . As you know, this time it has completely focused on multiplayer. There’s a complete absence of campaign mode, so you’d better take a look at our guide to fully understand it.


The big plus of the game: the Battle Royale comes to Call of Duty . As in all games with this modality, victory will only be achieved by the last player standing . Dozens of people will launch into the battlefield with an uncontrollable killing instinct.

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Remember that Blackout differs from everything we have seen in a series of points, namely:

  • First of all: you need a PS Plus or Gold subscription to beable to play.
  • More players than ever: up to 100 people at a time.
  • Instead of multiple maps, it’s a single map with thirteen locations inthe style of the rest of BR.
  • All players start on equal terms.
  • You will have to find materials and weapons on your own, at random points.
  • You can deploy a flight suitfrom any elevated location to move quickly.
  • You have vehiclesat your disposal.
  • Beware: there are zombies waiting in some places.



Black Ops 4 also includes the multiplayer modes of a lifetime , in which many will already have enough ease. Of course, there are many differences from the novel Blackout :

  • It can be played without PS Plus or Goldusing local multiplayer or bots .
  • The normal multiplayer gamemodes are as follows: Heist, Confirmed Drop, Search and Destroy, Control, Mastery, Team Duel, Hot Spot, and All vs. All.
  • We have Hardcoreor Extreme Modes . In these game modes, you are shot and have no interface .
  • The modes available in Hardcoreare not the same as in normal multiplayer: All against all, Team Duel, Confirmed Cancellation, Dominion, Search and destroy.


Zombies mode returns! Although the game does not have a story mode, as usual the zombie mode has its own story , although it is told in a very non-traditional way. Those who have already played previous installments will already know how it works:

  • It is a cooperative, local, online or bot multiplayer mode .
  • The mode is based on eliminating waves of zombies, which will give us points when we die.
  • Maps start out as very small areas, and you’ll unlock new rooms using points.
  • Along the walls you will find points where you can buy weapons using points.
  • On all maps there are drawers in which to pay for weapons at random.
  • Before starting the game you will have to choose classes, skills and advantages.
  • Each map, as always, has its own easter eggs that advance the “story” of the zombie mode.
  • The maps availablewith the launch of the game are: Desperate Crossing, IX and The Blood of the Dead .


The mechanics of the Specialists also return , a kind of classes to choose from. This time they will not only have skills, but will also use an exclusive weapon or piece of equipment .

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  • Prophet:a specialist with a penchant for electricity . Its special ability makes the Tempest fire electric darts. The electroshock can jump from one enemy to another. His unique team consists of a mine that chases enemies and paralyzes them .
  • Torque:the guy who puts up walls . Its ability is to deploy a reinforced protective shield , which slows down and damages enemies. As for his special equipment, it is a barbed wire that damages rivals. Be careful, because it can also harm allies in hardcore.
  • Battery:This soldier’s special ability is to use a grenade launcher . As for his team, he has a limpet grenade within his reach that fragments into smaller ones .
  • Recon:As his name is suspicious, he is the recognition expert . His special ability allows him and the sliados to temporarily detect enemies . His special piece of equipment does basically the same thing.
  • Ajax:His ability allows him to use a ballistic shield at the same time as a pistol . You’ll be able to blaze a trail to take down enemies that are keeping you blocked with suppression fire. His unique team is a stun grenade that explodes multiple times .
  • Firebreak: Youcan use the Purifier ability to use the flamethrower. As for his equipment , it allows him to place a radiation device that reduces the maximum health of the enemies that are in his area of ​​effect.
  • Nomad:Has an ability that allows him to use a dog to patrol, to attack or to follow you as support. As for your equipment, you can lay explosive trap cables .
  • Crash:Ability to break through walls, heals up to a maximum of five players, and increases maximum health. His team is special ammunition for the entire team, which gives extra points when finishing opponents.
  • Seraph:His Annihilator ability uses a pistol with higher penetrating power. You can also deploy a beacon to which teammates can return.
  • Ruin:With his special ability, he hits the ground and deals a lot of damage to enemies within his area of ​​effect. As for his piece of equipment, this is a hooked pistol to get you where you want to go faster.


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