The World Ends With You: Final Remix guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to our guide to The World Ends With You , where we will teach you how to survive the dangerous game of the reapers so that you can successfully escape from the underworld.

Tips to start playing

  • The most basic of all: we highly recommend playing in portable mode, since the touch controls are much more precise and reliable than the Joy-Con, something that will make things much easier throughout the adventure and, especially, in the most complicated battles, in which we will have to perform a multitude of actions in a matter of seconds.
  • Try wearing pins and clothes from the same brand. In this way, you can easily increase its popularity to make it the number one in each neighborhood and thus enjoy a considerable attack bonus.
  • There are pins that can evolve, so it is advisable to prioritize them when leveling them up so that they obtain their most powerful forms.
  • The difficulty is very adjustable at all times, so don’t be afraid to change it as much as you like during the first round if a boss is too resistant. Of course, try to upload it when training. Also, don’t forget to lower your level if you’re looking to “farm” pins and materials.
  • In stores prioritize buying upgrades to increase the maximum synchronizationthat you can achieve with your companions, since fusion attacks of 200% and 300% are very worthwhile.
  • To quickly increase the synchronization during battles, it is convenient to use pins that are activated with the same command (or similar) as the attacks of our companions. In this way, we will ensure that all hits are synchronized to create great combos.
  • When you go to stop playing, make sure to leave the pins you want to level up equippedso that they accumulate experience for your next game.
  • Do not sell the least valuable money pins(1, 5, 100, 500 …), since many of them will ask for them in some missions and as materials to barter.
  • Healing pins have limited combat uses, so try to use them only when you have no choice. In the meantime, heal yourself whenever you can with fusion techniques.
  • The game opens up more and more as we progress through the story, so try to enjoy the plot without straying too far in your first game. Do not worry about the fear of leaving things behind, since at the end of the game you can select the chapter you want to complete all its optional objectives.

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