Hollow Knight guide, cheats, tips and secrets

Welcome to our Hollow Knight guide , where we will help you make the most of Team Cherry’s great Metroidvania so you can discover all its secrets and learn to survive in the dark and dangerous depths of Hallownest.

Tips to start playing

  • Buy the pen, compass pin, and maps of each area as soon as possible. The mapping of the game is extremely labyrinthine and it is very easy to get lost if we do not have anything to serve as a reference. Thanks to the pen, we will be able to draw the places that we have explored when we find a bench to rest, which will help us to orient ourselves.
  • Prioritize healing over spells. Both healing ourselves and casting offensive spells require us to spend our soulbar, so it is wise to always have something in reserve to heal ourselves in case things go wrong.
  • Find the right time during confrontations to heal you. Healing magic requires us to charge it for a few moments and if we fail to complete it we will lose part of our soul bar.
  • A very effective technique to fight bosses and a multitude of enemies is to jump on top of them and attack down. In this way, we will give a blow from above that will make us bounce, something that we can use both to dodge and to continue attacking from a relatively safe position (there are bosses that protect themselves from this).
  • If you get stuck and don’t know how to go on, open your map and look at the gaps that you have empty and you haven’t explored. In this way, you will always know what places you still have to discover, which could give you the key to advance or discover alternative paths.
  • Don’t just focus on completing the game’s storyline, enjoy exploring and getting lost in its labyrinthine passagesHollow Knight is one of the Metroidvania that gives us the most freedom when choosing the path to advance, so if there is something that catches your attention and you want to see what it hides, don’t be afraid to follow your instincts. Perhaps you will discover an optional route, a useful secret, the main path or even a new power that opens many more paths.
  • Always save yourself some money (Geo) for when you go out exploring. You will probably need it to unlock Terminator stations (a few quick travel points), buy things at secret shops, and gain access to a bank.
  • When you gain the power of the Dream Portal by collecting 900 essence, you can place a mark on the map to teleport to it whenever you want. A good idea is usually to place it in Bocasuciato be able to return to a safe place and with a quick trip when we have gone too far somewhere that is not easy to get out of. Another good idea is usually to place the mark just before a battle against a boss to quickly return to it and be able to start the fight without wasting time going all the way back to it.
  • A brooch that will be very useful is the Firm Body. It hardly consumes a notch and will allow us to maintain the position when we hit the enemy. In this way, hitting several times in a row will be easier for us and we will also avoid being pushed back enough to fall into a precipice or trap in battles where we have to platform.
  • Try to improve your stinger in the blacksmith whenever you can. The extra damage it will guarantee will make your life much easier in more complicated battles.
  • Don’t despair! Hollow Knighthas very challenging moments that can be frustrating if we don’t have patience. If a boss isn’t doing too well, you can always leave it for later and explore more, take another route, or, most importantly, try different pin combinations until you find one that really helps you during the engagement.


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