Cali’s zoo

Cali Zoo is the ideal place to enjoy nature and see the different habitats up close for the variety of species it has.


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It opened its doors in 1969 being at the head of the mayoralty of Marino Rengifo Salcedo, but due to mismanagement it was about to close, until in 1981 , on October 1 , the foundation of the Cali Zoo took over she.

From then on, the exhibitions began to be remodeled, and have a breeding program that has earned it international recognition and has positioned it as one of the best zoos in America .


Located to the west of the city for more than 40 years in the Santa Teresita neighborhood, it is a perfect place to walk outdoors in Cali and observe the most diverse species on a very educational and fun tour, to share with the family, with friends or as a couple. The path through paved and well-marked trails can last around 3 to 4 hours, depending on the time you want to contemplate and admire each of the animals in spaces specially built to emulate their natural environments.



The multimedia presentation of an anthill, welcomes and invites visitors to conserve Colombian biodiversity. Following the paths you will find the aquarium, the aviary (space specially designed for birds ), the reptile , amphibian and primate area, the butterfly farm and areas for large mammals and cats, among others.

It also has a library for consultation of adults and children and if you are thinking of what to do in Cali with children, it has educational programs for children in environmental awareness and nature conservation.

You can also find in this space kangaroos , cockatiels (birds), cockatoos and bearded dragons (reptiles), the new exhibition that recreates the Australian arid zone, where the areas with the most vegetation are used for livestock activities.


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