Cactus should be protected from digestio

Cactus digestion is a very common problem and one of the leading causes of death of cactus. But just because your cactus is rotten doesn’t mean you can’t save it. In this article, I will discuss the causes and symptoms of cactus trafficking and give you step-by-step instructions on how to prevent cactus.

Cactus can begin to digest anywhere in the tree. It can be spread from the bottom to the plant. It can start at the top and spread down. Or it could start anywhere.

Regardless of which part of the cactus plant is digesting, there are some steps you can take to save your plant. Depending on where the decomposition has started, the steps are slightly different.

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When a cactus starts to turn brown and mushy at the top, it is called aga pacha (or cactus stem rot). This basically means that your cactus has started to digest. Cactus stem rot spreads very quickly.

Once the cactus begins to digest downward, it does not stop. The entire tendon will spread all the way down and eventually the tree will die. So once you have discovered the cacti disease in cactus, it is important to take immediate action.


There are a few things that can cause cactus to rot from the bottom. Cactus for digestive fungus or water-borne disease to come into contact with open wound parts of a weed plant. If a cactus is damaged in any way, it is at risk of being infected by disease or fungal seeds.

Domestic  plants  can occur for any number of reasons, including pests , bugs, or small organisms. One can jump against it, tip the plant, or fall on top of it. You never know the exact reason, so do not despair about it.

The good news is that the steps to preserve a rotten cactus are exactly as I first said.

Cactus rot

Rotten to the cactus preserve the way

Once the cactus begins to decompose, all the rotten parts must be trimmed to save the tree. If it is not completely removed it will continue to spread, eventually your cactus will die. Cactus rot spreads very quickly.

The steps to preserve your cactus depend on where you are digesting. So first I will show you the steps to save a rotten cactus from above.

How kyakatasake top rot from the guard will

Cactus aga digestion can be very tricky. You may notice that the small brown spots on the cactus are just a tiny bit of decomposed area. Then you will begin to remove the stains, and realize that it is worse on the inside than on the outside.

So first, prepare yourself for what you can find after you start cutting.

ধাপ ১ঃ আপনার ছাঁটাইয়ের সরঞ্জাম নির্বাচন

You can use a sharp knife or trim scissors to remove the digestive tract. If your cactus is thick, you can use a sharp knife. Otherwise, for smaller plants with thin stems, prune or bonsai scissors will work well. Just be sure that the scissors are sharp so the cactus scalp will not be damaged.

ধাপ ২ঃ আপনার কাটার সরঞ্জামটি অবশ্যই পরিষ্কার রাখুন

Regardless of the equipment you choose to use, it is important to be clear and disinfect before cutting any part of your cactus. Using safe pruning tools will help prevent the spread of disease and fungal attacks.

You can simply wash the trimmed knife with soap and water and then dry it before starting. You can also submerge alcohol for a while to disinfect it.

ধাপ ৩ঃ ভেতরের লেয়ার থেকে ক্যাকটাস স্টেম রটটি সরিয়ে ফেলুন

In order to trim the digestion, the entire decomposed portion must be cut off from the inner layer. Otherwise, a little digestive tract will be spread throughout the tree.

Digestion of cactus

ধাপ ৪ঃ যতক্ষণ না পর্যন্ত পচনের সমস্ত লক্ষণ চলে যায় ততক্ষণ পর্যন্ত কেটে ফেলতে থাকুন

When you do your work by trimming the layers of the tree, the digestive tract will continue to be thin. Remember, however, that the little bit should not be spread. So as long as there is no sign of decomposition of the tree, keep cutting off these parts.

If your cactus is an outgrowth plant, try cutting the last cut at an angle so that the water does not accumulate on the wound (which will likely cause digestion again). Take the tree to a dry place where possible.

Care of cactus after pruning

If you need to carry this type of knife to one of your favorite plants, keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t turn out to be bad later. If it starts to digest again, follow the steps above to remove the new digestion.

After a few days, the calculus of the lesion will be cut off and your cactus will eventually begin to grow fresh around the cuticle. The cactus may need to be cut in half to remove all decomposition.

Bottom Rot Cactus

How to protect the root of cactus from decomposition

Unfortunately, if your cactus starts to degenerate from the bottom, or if the cactus’s roots begin to degenerate, there is little you can do to prevent it. The best thing to do is to cut off the healthy stem parts and produce new cactus from them.

Layer and trim your cactus in the manner shown in the steps above so that there is no residue left over. Then immerse the roots in the root growth hormone and put it in the sandy soil mixture.

Do not irrigate the soil until the cutting part is newly grown. Depending on the variety of cactus you are using, it may take a few weeks for the cactus to take root.

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Cactus decomposition of some of the most widely discussed questions

Here are some frequently asked questions to solve various cactus problems. If you can’t find your answer here, ask in the comments section below.

Why is my cactus on the black is going?

Cactus is due to aga-trafficking. Cactus digestion can be either black or brown.

Why is my cactus turning yellow ?

When the cactus starts to turn yellow, it probably means it’s starting to digest. If some part of your cactus starts to turn yellow, you can follow the steps above to save it. However, if the whole tree is yellow and the cactus becomes soft and light, you can no longer keep it.

How to save dead cactus ?

It’s hard to say how to preserve a dead cactus without a lot of information. It depends on how you are dying. Most of the time cactus aga begins to die from digestion. So carefully examine the plant to see if you can find any areas that are changing colors, or if the cactus is feeling soft. A soft cactus or a squishy cactus are both signs of digestion.

Why did my cactus decompose ?

As I noted above,  Cactus Aga announce  a major cause of any disease is a fungus or plant which has an infected wound, or is clogged.

The initial digestion of the cactus is usually caused by the presence of excess water.

Rot caught kyakatasake how to protect it?

It depends on how much it died. But if the cactus becomes completely green, it probably won’t be easy to bring it back to life. But if there is still a good amount of healthy parts in the plant, you may be able to save it by following the above steps.

Cactus die from causes?

Excess water supply is the first cause of death of cactus, especially for plants in the gut. The cactus will begin to digest from the base for continued excess water, and eventually it will be digested at the top of the cactus.

Many times clear signs appear (cactus yellow, black or brown, or turn into a soft and light cactus), it is too late to save the plant. If you are unsure about how much water to give to your cactus plant, it is best not to give water.

While cactus begins to digest, it may seem daunting for many gardeners, but it does not always kill for your plants. Unfortunately, this is a very common problem for all cactus plants. So check your plants regularly for signs of digestion. Remember, if you ever notice your own cactus digestion, you need to act quickly to preserve it.

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