Green tea – beneficial or dangerous?

In the morning nowadays, many people do not want to sleep without the smoke of thick milk tea. Basically, the tea never gets tired until one day. But those who are busy drinking tea for energy, is it increasing the body’s energy or causing more harm to themselves?


If you want to get the energy and the health of the body should be given green tea as a healthy drink to bring the body up.


Green Tea is the oldest herbal tea known in the world, gaining popularity more than 3 years after its discovery in China.


It is the least processed tea in the market, keeping good long-term health when consumed regularly. Green tea was originally used as a Chinese and Indian medicine to cure any ailment. It has since gained worldwide popularity.


Contains powerful antioxidants, caffeine, and nutrients that truly bring value to your true health.



What are the benefits of including Green Tea in your beverage list?

Helps to reduce weight

Green Tea boosts your metabolism because of its great source of caffeine, amino acids and antioxidants.


By promoting your metabolism you are able to increase your physical activity by spending more energy in a given period. Green Tea helps increase physical labor by up to 5% while improving fat burn by up to 5%. As a result, it helps you lose weight.

Prevents cancer

The antioxidants present in green tea prevent cancer cells from dividing. As a result, the body can help prevent cancer by transmitting viruses.

Processed Green Tea

Protector of teeth or mouth health

Green tea contains a chemical antioxidant known as ‘catechin’ that reduces inflammation in the body.


Catechins, in particular, are known to destroy bacteria and increase the alkaline content of saliva, thus eliminating the scent of your mouth and creating a healthy environment in the mouth where disease development is not possible.


Green tea also reduces mouth cavity and has recently been shown to reduce the risk of developing mouth cancer.


Green Tea helps you live longer

Green tea significantly reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, which naturally increases your life expectancy.


In fact, Green Tea has proven to have many health benefits that statistics show astonishing evidence of reducing mortality rates by about 5%.


By drinking regular green tea, you can prevent disease, improve bone, muscle, brain and heart disease, improve circulation, and nourish and support your vital organs, which are all that is needed for longevity.

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The beauty of the skin increases

Regularly eating green tea, the levels of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory levels in the body start to increase. It solves all skin problems and keeps the skin healthy.


It has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that it reduces skin cell damage, thereby improving the skin’s elasticity, structure and overall appearance.


Green Tea also has the unique ability to reduce the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin and when applied, can protect you from sunburn, blemishes and aging. It also helps to cleanse the skin, pores. Green tea bags are used by many as a toner, which is very useful.


Green Tea Improve Your Eye Vision


Green tea will have incredible benefits if it is consumed regularly.


The antioxidants contained in catechin green tea are able to penetrate the tissues of the eye, making deep antioxidants effect.


Recent studies suggest that drinking green tea regularly will reduce cataract-induced blindness and are significantly better for transparent vision.


Green tea lowers cholesterol

When consumed with green tea, it reduces or inhibits cholesterol absorption in the gut, thus reducing the risk of high cholesterol.


The Green Tea Study has shown that reducing its overall cholesterol in the body because of its strong antioxidant cleansing or improving energy consumption in any movement. Green tea can improve the ratio between bad and good cholesterol in the blood, creating balance.


The green tea makes you happy

The amino acids in the green tea are known to release ‘happy hormones’ in the brain, which prevent anxiety or nervousness.


The caffeine dose in it suppresses fatigue, which can improve your mood.


Green Tea Blood controls the sugar level

Green tea has a powerful effect on controlling your blood sugar levels, generally reducing blood sugar levels directly after eating.


By doing this, blood sugar levels are more stable and this prevents your body from triggering glucose and unnecessary fat storage.


In the long run, this simple effect can significantly improve your body’s insulin sensitivity, which can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 5%.

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Green tea fights allergies

Green tea contains a powerful compound that has been proven to be anti-allergenic, which can be very relieving during the allergy season.


In addition, the polyphenols present in the green tea relieve many of the symptoms and discomfort associated with allergies.


Green tea makes you smarter 

Green Tea has two synergistic ingredients: caffeine and L-theanine that work together to improve overall brain function.


It contains just the right amount of caffeine to shake your neurons in the brain, which does not cause you anxiety, releases the chemical processes in the brain that improve your mood, increase your memory and speed your response over time.


L-Theanine is an amino acid that provides strength and a natural anti-anxiety effect. Drinking green tea will make you feel more alert, more stable, and generally smarter than usual.



When should you drink green tea?

Metabolism levels are high in the morning and metabolism levels are low in the evening. So this drink should be served after breakfast and in the evening. However, you must take into consideration the green tea after 3 or 2 hours after eating the food.


Green tea can be consumed 2-3 hours before exercise.


Is eating green tea dangerous?

Green tea is a healthy drink but may not be healthy for everyone.


People who don’t eat green tea –


  • Pregnant women
  • The person suffering from insomnia
  • Patients suffering from anemia


Nutrition experts say that despite having plenty of anti-oxidants in green tea, it is not advisable to eat more than 3 cups. By playing more green tea, the body can become dehydrated.

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