What is business or corporate communication?

The business or corporate communication is one that is done in an organized way by a company and is aimed at individuals and groups in the social environment where it operates. So if the company is national, it will communicate throughout the country; if it is local, in your city or municipality; and if it is international in those countries in which it has activity. The main objective is to establish quality relationships between the company and its public, making themselves known socially and projecting a public image suitable for their purposes and activities.

Business communication must convey the personality of the company and the values ​​and philosophy that underlie it.

There are three possible images – which do not always coincide – in the communication of a company: the image that you want to give, the real image of the institution and the perceived image. Good corporate communication seeks harmony between the three, avoiding that the image that is communicated does not correspond to reality or that the company is perceived in a misleading way.

Hence the communication professionals of some companies have to work hard in some situations. For example, Coca Cola is the image of happiness and we all perceive it as such. However, when there have been news of layoffs or closings of distribution platforms, this perceived image has been diminished by the real image that precisely did not correspond to the happiness to which we are accustomed to as consumers.

To do a good business communication we must make an analysis of the company, design a communication plan with specific objectives and draw up a strategy that helps us achieve the purpose of the company. To achieve this, companies have tools such as press releases, social networks, corporate website, blogs, etc. but also with the brand, logo, corporate image or participation in events, fairs, conferences …

The big difference between communication and advertising is that in the first the company wants to report on its activity, news, products … and in the second it seeks to increase sales. It is true that communication can also help in this task but it has other objectives such as positioning the company, making itself known among potential consumers or cultivating a good reputation.

The communication should be a business area of each regardless of size and budget. For this, companies can choose to create an internal department or opt for an external agency . Currently in the market we can find specialized professionals in all areas and with rates for all companies. If you need any, we help you FREE!


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