How to build a cow farm to produce milk

Currently, the price of milk per kg is 1 to 5. In some places in Dhaka, 3 to 5 taka. The funny thing is that there is a huge lack of 1% pure cow’s milk. Our country has a demand of 1.25 million metric tons of milk every year. In our country, there are about 1.5 beef farms in the country, but the production is about 2.25 million metric tons per year. Which is very low according to our needs. So any entrepreneur can choose this business.

How to build a cow farm to produce milk

With how much money can a cow farm be started to produce milk?

It is beneficial to start with hybrid or advanced breeds. Initially starting with two good breeds of cows may require around Rs 1 lakh.

Why would you do this business

The demand for high quality cow milk in the market is the sole reason for doing this business. Moreover, at least 5 rupees can be earned from two cows daily, excluding all costs.

How to get started

The house should be built properly for the farm. The cows must be cleansed. There should be plenty of light air and pure water. Mosquitoes should be provided at night. You can start this business by buying a small calf if you want. Although the cost of buying a calf is low, experts believe that buying a proud cow is the most profitable.

How to market milk

There is a huge demand for pure cow milk in the market. Many people in the village Ganj take milk from home. You can get a monthly contract with a big sweet shop or a bakery.

Do you need any special qualifications?

It is best to start with training from Pushu Resources Directorate in the district or upazila. You can also gain real knowledge by talking to them when there is an envelope near you.

How to be successful

Cows rearing have been in our country since time immemorial but the expected result is very low. Because of this, the nature of the farm is to grow only with the common breed cows, rather than the cows. So in order to be successful in this business, good breed cows have to be selected. Have to take lots of machines.

How much money can you make

It is possible for every cow to earn at least Rs. Once the calf is grown, it can be sold and earn a lot of money.


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