Cultivation of two together: fish and poultry

Many of us live in poultry. Ducks need water to survive. And it needs dipping, drainage, pond, dighi etc. Many of us have no cultivated land. Maybe there is a sink. These sinks are always filled with rubbish. Thousands of mosquitoes grow in it. It hurt everyone.

But if we wish, we can observe the duck in these sinks. I can grow fish. Again, poultry and fish can be cultivated together. If we sell fish, poultry and duck eggs, we will have extra income. At the same time, our deficiency of fish, poultry and eggs will be filled.

Farming together with poultry fish has many benefits. The cost is much less. Ducks eat small fish, oysters, snails. And Dobar is accumulated in a duck mall Duck stools can cover a portion of fish food. Which is more useful than being profitable. So we can grow poultry and fish together.

Let us do a small case study. Kadam Ali, a member of the Rasulpur Ekta Samiti. He cultivated poultry and fish together. Now his family income has increased manifold. We will hear about Kadam Ali’s poultry farming.

The cultivation of the two together – fish and poultry.

There is no cultivation land of Kadam Ali. There is a sink in the living room without a spit. One day at a meeting of the association, the fishery officer told Kadam Ali about cultivating fish and rearing poultry. Kadam Ali was surprised to hear this.

Kadam Ali : What is said? I have no land without sinking. How do I cultivate fish non-poultry? Officer Kadam Ali told that the poultry and fish should be cultivated together.

Officer: To do fish and poultry together, you have to do some work first.

Kadam Ali: What work?

Officer: Three things to do – 1. Kachuripana must be cleaned, II. You have to give lime on the boat. Then bring water from another place and give new water to drown. 2. After 5 days of lime, the fish should be released.

Kadam Ali: And duck rearing?

Officer: After fixing the duck, the duck house will be built. If you own 3% of the land of Dobar, you can feed 20 ducks. However, the duck house should be 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide. And three kilograms of lime will have to be paid for three per cent. Light air should be provided in the duck room; if the space is low, the duck will not grow properly. The eggs will not hatch. The duck house will be above the dwarf so that the duck stool will be easily covered in water which is a good food for fish. The officer gave Kadam Ali some paper and said they would read it well.

Kadam Ali : What is written in it?

Officer: There is a lot written about poultry farming and fish farming, if you have difficulty understanding, tell me I will help.

Where can I get the money? Kadam Ali brought the papers provided by the officer. His wife, Amena, came forward after seeing the quaint papers. Kadam Ali gave the papers to Amana and in the afternoon the two joined.

The paper is very good with Amena and the two will do something together. The next day they applied for credit to their association and started their new business with the necessary money.

One day, while dodging the duck in the boat, I began to laugh at myself, when Kadam Ali came.

Kadam Ali: What is it that makes you laugh alone?

Amen: I wonder what is funny! Duck stool again fish food!

Kadam Ali: Yes. The fish does not have to give a single meal, but for the duck to lay eggs, the duck has to be balanced.

Rules for making a duck balanced diet

Food Ingredients Quantity (grams)
Wheat straw or rice straw 1 gram
Wheat husk 120 grams
Rice paddy 120 grams
Dried fish powder 25 grams
Shrimp powder 1 gram
Salt 1 gram
Foul 1 gram
Balanced diet 25 grams


Approximately two and a half kg

The duck should be fed twice daily. Mix some water with food. Moreover, water should be kept on a separate footing. You have to take Sahir Yantra properly. Consult the veterinarian to get rid of the disease. A duck should be vaccinated at least once a year.

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