Buggy . Four-wheel and more commonly two-wheeled carriage with a front stool for the driver, inside with two or four wooden “face-to-face” seats covered by a cowboy hood, open at the front and partially sheltered from the outdoors from behind. The passengers lean on it, thus serving as a back-up for the carriage.


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It comes from French. It derives from calèche with the same meaning. In turn, the French took it from the Czech: “kolesa” which is related to the Russian equivalent: wheel. This word ser is related to the Indo-European root * kwel- which means to stir, to move.


This type of carriage is originally from Europe . Today the buggy is used in many parts of the world as a tourist proposal to visit cities or certain places. Thus there are walks through parks or historical places such as the Monasterio de Piedra in Spain . A natural park that offers to travel it in this vehicle and also visit a carriage exhibition. For its part, in Mérida , Mexico there is also a proposal to visit the buildings and monuments of this city, between the Plaza Grande until reaching the Monument to the Flag, after passing through the Hidalgo, Santa Lucía and Santa Ana parks. this type of walk in Marrakesh, Morocco and in many cities of the world as a tourist attraction.


At the moment, this entertainment is being reviewed due to animal abuse, since an alarming death of horses has been detected in the middle of a public highway due to not getting enough rest and not being fed properly. This has led many animal organizations to request the repeal of blood traction.


It is a carriage with two large wheels, generally without cover, light in weight and with capacity for two people, drawn by a single cavalry and with leather or wood fenders. It is open on the sides and without doors. Its suspension system makes it floating, which gives it greater comfort for its more frequent use, which was mainly traveling on roads.


  • A light buggy commonly pulled by a single horse.

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